9th Blockchain Added to the Game — OKC Comes On Board

Blockchain Cuties Universe
Blockchain Cuties Universe
3 min readJan 12, 2023


Hey Cutieneers 👋

Blockchain Cuties Universe is popping off 2023 with a brand new addition to the multi-blockchain family of the Cutieverse — OKX Chain (OKC).

As the team recoups from the holidays and continues plowing through tasks for the upcoming 9th Season of BCU, a 9th blockchain is about to be launched with all its awesome additions.

Check it out here

OKC is EVM and IBC-compatible and is an L1 blockchain network built on Cosmos. It is specifically geared toward building the web3 future!

A new blockchain means new Cuties, new markets, and new opportunities for the Cutieneers new and seasoned!

The launch will feature 7 OKC branded Cuties available for purchase from the launch sale page.

Just look at this awesome cybernetically modified Cutie!

Cyber Malice Cutie NFT

All of the branded Cuties will only remain on their respective blockchain. In this case — OKC.

The new arrivals, as always, will have special genome sequences that will help create cool tributes on the OKX chain.

Cutie Genome sequences table

The Cyber Malice and Hotshot Trader will have the genome bits that hold the key to unlocking the tributes:


And the all-too-happy Snowball🥰

She’s a bit too excited

Experts, do your thing. Check out the Tribute attributes, and get to work! ❤

The unique Cutie offers can be found on the ➡ Launch Page🚀

If you are new to OKC and not sure where to start, we got you!

The team prepared a guide for all the OKC newbies out there to get started quickly and easily.

The onboarding guide can be found in our wiki ➡ Here📜

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

👉 Click here to start playing!

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Blockchain Cuties Universe
Blockchain Cuties Universe

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