All Crafting Recipes Are Out

Easter crafting seems to be one of the favorite things for Cutieneers to do in Season III.

During recent weeks, Cutieneers brought countless eggs to the forge and combined them to create Easter magic.

While there are hundreds of possible egg combinations, only eight of them yield unique Easter rewards.

And we are happy to announce that every single item and Cutie on the Easter list is now crafted and present in the game.

Let’s meet the unique Easter Cuties you crafted and see who got to them first.

Rabbit Steve

Rabbit Steeve is the most common unique that Cutieneers were able to craft. There are 54 of them in the game.

Steve by Vismigdinmund

The first one appeared on NEO blockchain and was created by Vismigdinmund.

Honey Pusher

Honey Pusher is less common, and there are 22 of them in the game as of now.

Honey Pusher by Phenix

The first one joined TRON blockchain and was made by Phenix.

Easter Defender

Easter defender turned out to be the rarest prize in the whole event. There is only one such Cutie in the entire game.

Cutie by Cutie

The first and only Easter Defender lives on TRON blockchain and was brought to Cutieland by Cutie.

Congratulations on finding the secret recipes!

We didn’t expect for you guys to find the crafting recipes so fast. The teamwork in the community is amazing.

But it’s too early to relax and rest on your laurels. There are still a few more “Easter eggs” hidden in Season III.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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