And Now For Something Completely Different

We have made a lot of friends this year and did some fantastic collaborations.

Usually, those were things that are right at your fingertips. Ready to be tested out instantly.

Like Lumi and ENJIN wallets. You can get them right now, for free, and enjoy a great cutie experience.

But this collab is different. Apart from some cute merch, we have never dared to step outside the virtual world.

But the day has come for us to cooperate with someone from the real world. And it is a pioneer in the industry. We love people who do something that was never done before. This is moving the whole industry forward.

We are talking about Sirin Labs and their new blockchain smartphone Finney.

Football legend is looking good

It is the first EVER smartphone with an embedded cold storage wallet and pre-installed Blockchain Cuties, of course.

Our Game Designer, Joy, had a chance to attend Finney’s launch event, and it was a fascinating experience.

Presentation at the opening event

Joy has even had a chance to play with the phone for a bit.

Got a possibility to check Finney out. It’s rather sleek, for crypto enthusiasts it’s a good deal, that’s what I think. — Joy aka Davis, Game Designer, Blockchain Cuties.

You can check out and order Finney here.

As a part of this collaboration, we will be creating two special cuties that will be gifted to all of the lucky owners of Finney.

Please welcome Finney Fox!

It is so hi-tech that it already has the world’s first blockchain smartphone in its paw. And it was born with a lucky golden attribute.

The second special cutie will make football fans very happy. Can you guess who it is?

Stay tuned for the reveal!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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