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Hey Cutieneers 👋

Today, as many of you have seen, we have participated in an AMA session as guests at the OKC official telegram group!

If you couldn’t be there to participate and missed it, we got you! Here is a transcript of the whole session.

Note: Some editorial adjustments were made to fit the article format better. Nearly all of them are grammatical adjustments.

James: Hello everyone! Welcome to another AMA session with OKC.

Today we have a special guest from Blockchain Cuties.

Tehnfy: Hey hey! :) Thanks for having us on.

Doing well. As always — busy busy busy! 😄 How is everyone going today? How’s the start of the week? ^^

James: The same busy week ahead

It’s really nice to have you here to introduce us to Blockchain cuties

First off, can you give a quick introduction about yourself, Tehnfy?

Tehnfy: Sure! Much to tell, but I’ll keep it short.

Early in my career, I did sales for a travel agency for about a year and a half, sneaking in some online activities after work as a twitch streamer and making some videos on youtube.

Then around 2016 Vladimir, our CEO, asked me to Shoutcast some games for an RTS game with their Community manager on my channel. Which we did for about 6 months and then we parted ways — I did my own thing and they did theirs. In May 2018 I quit my sales job to look for a new adventure, and Vladimir reached out to me to join the Blockchain Cuties team. At the time I had 0 knowledge about crypto, but since then I’ve learned quite a lot, reading and learning from different people, writing articles and now I work as a Community Lead / Creative writer for our game Blockchain Cuties Universe :) A jack of all trades in a way too. If things need to be done — we do it! haha.

James: So good to hear

I hope you’re enjoying your adventure with Blockchain cuties

Now tell us about Blockchain cuties.

Tehnfy: Oh yeah, for sure. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, for sure!

Blockchain Cuties is an NFT collectible game with adventures, raid bosses, and dungeons mixed in.

Players can acquire items that range from basic equipment for Cuties to make them stronger, to consumables, and even NFT crafting tokens.

We run around 3 seasons a year with additional events mixed in on dates like valentines day, Christmas Holidays, and Halloween. During these events, players can get awesome limited items and Cuties that are not getting more re-runs later. So each event and season is unique.

All of our seasons come with a Storyline, we call it the Lore of Cutieland.

The vast majority of items players get in the game can be traded within the game using smart contracts, so it’s a true play-to-earn experience. We have always believed in an open market approach and we constantly gather feedback and talk to our community about changes, ideas, and fixes that we are implementing. It is crucial for us that the game is community-driven. Not just a few unnamed faceless devs doing some work. Cutieneers are very important in the creation of BCU and are instrumental in what we do every day.

James: Nice nice 👍

There are so many similar projects. What makes Blockchain cuties stand out from the crowd?

Tehnfy: I think currently, there are not many projects that withstood the test of time.

There are only a few projects that lived through the previous bear market, not to mention the number of pyramids and rugged projects that came about.

In BCU we are constantly communicating with our community and asking them to share what they think of the current state of the game, and apply constant updates to the game. Not many games do as many updates as we do, what is great is that it’s a web-based game, so updates are very seamless for the players, and the team can work on things constantly, instead of building up a huge patch once every so often.

BCU offers players an open market. And that applies to both — Cuties and in-game items. So all of the game assets are tradeable and have utility. Not many games can say the same. Players are free to do as they please on the market, using the tools provided. The NFT market does span outside the game too. So that’s a great reinforcement of our values as a team. What we are doing is kind of building the gamer dream. Where you can play, and actually make some money while doing that. It doesn’t come instantly, and there is a learning curve, but our community and documentation are there to help anyone new who is coming into the game and asks questions about the game. Our chat is super friendly, and always helps newcomers in the community to learn the basics!

Plus our artwork is unmatched. I mean, our art team is doing an impeccable job since day one! If you allow me to toot our horn a little bit here, haha.

James: It’s great to see you guys pushing through this bear market! 💪

With OKC being the latest blockchain to be enabled in your game, Blockchain cuties now support 9 different chains. So how does the multichain approach come into play for you?

Tehnfy: It’s the same philosophy as with the open market concept. More options is a good thing. Players can always choose the most efficient and cost-effective solution for them. But what is different with our game is that you are not hindered by your choices for blockchain, if anything you can play on ALL 9 blockchains at the same time. Provided you attach all of the wallets for the chains to your account :)

Players can trade items independently from the blockchain. So you can farm items with a Tron Cutie, equip some of it on your OKC Cuties, and the rest can be sold on any chain you have attached to your account! So it’s a very freeing experience for many players. Plus if a blockchain is doing well, its tokens are going up, and they reap the benefits of that too if they have a small stash of that native token in their wallets! This enables players to be active and look for the best deals out there and use arbitrage whenever they want. Many opportunities are to be had for those who are actively seeking them.

James: What do you feel is the most important aspect for players in the Blockchain Cuties Universe?

Tehnfy: In my opinion, it is utility. Simply because NFTs and items in our games are not only pretty pictures on your screen. You can actually play with them and generate revenue using them. Artworks are great and some can appreciate with time. But with the majority of NFTs, as we saw last year, the starting hype is huge, then it dies off nearly instantly and there’s only a sour aftertaste that comes with participating in such efforts. I’m not saying that all of the collections are like that, but a lot of shady characters came about once again when the bull run started. And with the bear market now, there will be another type of people that will prey on people’s willingness to gain profits. Staying vigilant is key here.

Back to my point though, the value of our assets is in their utility. You can go on adventures to farm items, go raid bosses to get cool rewards, join tournaments for prizes, crawl through dungeons for rewards, and farm items during seasons to get a unique reward during the season’s run. There are many things that come with owning even a few Cuties.

James: So great!

You mentioned a community-driven approach in development. It must come with difficulties. Could you tell us a little about how that came in during the development of the game?

Tehnfy: The community-driven approach is not an easy thing to work with for sure. There are always many differing opinions and sometimes it takes time to shake out a proper solution to an issue. Especially when we are talking about somewhat abstract concepts like game design. Because it’s such a fine line between having a wonderfully fun time and giving a bit of a challenge for players so that they are not bored out of their minds with the same thing over and over again, right? We have had very heated debates over concepts that came into the game, there were some missteps that we took to develop a feature and the community made it clear why it doesn’t work in practice, even though on paper it was a killer idea. It’s sort of a hive-mind kind of thing whenever players and developers work on the game together. Many games take feedback and apply it to their games, but community-driven development is a completely different beast. It’s long nights, even longer posts, and a huge amount of reading. But in the end, it’s worth it, as the game is better off in the end for everyone involved. Plus, the community is always aware that the team is working and is in fact listening to what is being said, which is always an important aspect of any game’s life and history.

James: If you were to summarize your project in 1 word, what would it be? Why?

Tehnfy: Same as before I’d say it’s — Utility.

For all the reasons above and many many more :)

James: How do you guarantee users’ asset security?

Tehnfy: The blockchain assets are on blockchain wallets. So we do not hold any of that on the servers. Even our built-in blockchain wallet solution works on the blockchain’s standard for providers in the space, like Metamask for ETH, HECO, Polygon, etc. It works on those standards and we do not get any information from those wallets either. So players are in full control of their assets and wallets.

The in-game item trade is done using smart contracts as well, so it’s completely on the blockchains the trades occur on.

James: Awesome. Anything else you guys would like to add before we go into the live questions session?

Tehnfy: Everyone should give the game an honest try, I think. Even if you are not blockchain savvy, or not super techy, we got all the materials for people to learn and many players started with our game and learned a lot about blockchain on its own. Not to mention all the different aspects that come into play in the game that is an outside influence — like blockchains and exchanges and all that. :)

James: Great thank you so much

We really appreciate you taking the time to introduce Blockchain Cuties to our community!

Tehnfy: One of our players even went as far as stating that thanks to the game they managed to learn a bit more about trading and got some nice profit out of their small-time trading :D

James: wow!!!

Tehnfy: Thanks for having us on :) we’re always happy to talk shop! haha

James: Let’s give a chance for our community to ask their questions then

Tehnfy: Sure, Let’s have at it!

Here are the Questions and answers to them. Thanks, everyone for asking questions in the session! It was great to read through them and hard to pick the best ones!


✨ Can people play BCU for free?

Yes, but in a limited capacity. We offer a demo Cutie to players that is a non-blockchain asset that they can do most things a regular Cutie can. However, its level cap is much lower and it can do so much alone. BCU has an aspect to it where there’s strength in numbers to be the most efficient with your time But you can get something out of nothing for free, provided you have patience and time.

✨Technology is evolving, how up-to-date is your gaming system, and how frequently will it be upgraded to improve the seamless user experience we all enjoy?

The team is updating the game with new tech, approaches, and features all the time. As I’ve said above, the game is getting updates at least once or twice a week. Not to mention constant content updates and feature introductions. So we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve our game. And I think the community is helping us along as well whenever they share their thoughts and ideas with us.

✨In the last year so many chains has been launched and all was evm compatible like (heco, emerald, cex, …), there is anything related with bcug token, any strategic partners or simply get the game more usefull between all chains?

Currently, there are many pies we’re eyeballing, haha. There are always many plans and the market does come into play here, so it’s hard to say with 100% certainty what will come when sometimes. Atm, I do know that we are working on expanding to more blockchains and making them interoperable, and seamless for players. There are game features being worked on that I am not currently able to speak on just yet. From strategic partnerships — all blockchains we onboard are vetted and collaborated with. Plus we have long-standing relationships with industry players like Changelly, and more So all-in-all there’s always work going on and more to come at all times!

✨ is BCU playable on mobile?

Yes, it is a web-based game and we fully support most browsers, especially those that are written on chromium. So you can join in on any device, at any time, on any platform. No download for an app is needed. Just go to Blockchaincuties.com and start playing! ^^

That’s it! Did you learn something new? Or found a piece of info that you’ve wanted to know? Hope you did, Cutnieers!

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Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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