Best Items Market Offers for Season Gear

Season V crafting is a challenge. Crafting enough gear for your army needs grit, determination, strategic approach, and a lot of time.

Some Cutieneers are fans of crafting, while some are not.

If you are of the latter category there are two ways for you to get your hands on season gear:

  1. Claiming in on the season paths
  2. Shopping for it on the market

In this post, we will go through the best market offers so you can grab some powerful season gear for your little champions.

Shopping on items market

The middle of the season is a perfect time to go shopping on the items market. It’s not too late to invest in season’s gear and the market already has a healthy amount of supply.

Currently, not all of the season sets are available on the market. But the ones that are sold at competitive prices at middle-top levels of the market.

Most of the trade is happening on TRON and MATIC Blockchains.

Festive collection

The full festive collection is now available on the market.

There are quite a lot of offers with very attractive prices.

Holiday Sparklers are available on MATIC and TRON.

Festive Holiday Jacket awaits on MATIC and TRON.

You can find Sweet Holiday Treats on MATIC and TRON.

Jolly Holiday Hat is quite rare but you can find an offer on TRON and MATIC.

Joyous Boxes of Mystery are mostly available on TRON, but there is also one offer on MATIC.

ASF set

ASF set also has some offers on the market and you can be almost 100% sure, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Some items are available for a premium price while others are quite affordable.

You can get ASF Ice Axe only on TRON.

ASF Headgear is also available only on TRON.

There’s only one offer for ASF Blizzard Freeride Skis and it's on TRON.

ASF Marksman Kit has many more offers on TRON and even a couple of MATIC.

ASF Biremon Arrow Wrist Watch has a huge supply on TRON and even a couple of offers on other blockchains.


Blizzard Trooper set

Parts of the Blizzard Trooper set are rare on the market.

We managed to find only the armor and handguards sold on TRON. The good news is that both offers are quite moderately priced, considering all the scarcity.

Watchmen set

It seems that so far no one wants to sell one of the most epic season sets.

However, we managed to find one offer for you to consider.

It’s pricey, but it might be worth the splurge.

We hope this overview helps you equip your Cuties for the rest of the season.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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