Best of Cutieland: Weekly Player Top

We’re deep in the Infernum, and the community has already mastered the new rules of the game.

We see some players trying to cement their leadership positions. But since it’s only the first half of the event, everything can change.

Top boss raiders

Demonic Eireen Holmes is still on the top of Cutieland’s hitlist. Visits to her lair have increased once again.

The top raider of the week is SoulSoup, with 542 victories!

It’s a three-week streak!

And here are the Cutieneers who had the most raid victories:

  1. SoulSoup — 542 wins — 1.98% of total wins
  2. volhrio — 533 wins — 1.95% of total wins
  3. ☮️MoonMama☮️ — 487 wins — 1.78% of total wins
  4. ZloiDuh — 440 wins — 1.61% of total wins
  5. Guardian — 413 wins — 1.51% of total wins

Top farmers

Cuties get better at farming the planes of hell. But the fiends are also finding ways to oppose the invaders. It’s a heated competition.

The top farmer of the week is 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue, who got rewards in more than 52% of adventures attempted!

Here are the Cutieneers who achieved the best drop rates:

  1. 🐶⛑ Doge Rescue — 52.1%
  2. Long Live Ukraine — 44.0%
  3. Psycho farm — 43.5%
  4. — 41.1%
  5. licrypto — 40.4%

Top sellers

Please welcome the top deals of the week!

Here are last week’s biggest deals on both Cutie NFT and items markets.

Offchain items market:

Cutie NFT market:

Top offchain market traders

The offchain market is becoming huge. The amount of trades is growing every day.

The top offchain trader of the week is Long Live Ukraine, with 391 deals!

And here are the Cutieneers who made the most trades on the offchain market:

  1. Long Live Ukraine — 391 trades
  2. ebdb — 338 trades
  3. P1mze — 325 trades
  4. Xander — 203 trades
  5. elpapa85–200 trades

Top Cutie NFT sellers

These days, the Cutie NFT market is a hard place to trade. But some Cutieneers manage to get sales even on the bear market.

The top Cutie seller of the week is Mooda with 19 pets sold!

And here are the Cutieneers who sold the most pet NFTs:

  1. Mooda — 19–7.8% of total
  2. Destrokh, Strssy, FishojoyRoyal — 12–4.9% of total
  3. DOLG and FortuFX — 11–4.5% of total
  4. Chokokush — 8–3.3% of total
  5. Player 456677571–7–2.9% of total

Congratulations to all Cutieneers who made it to the top!

Stay tuned to see how things change next week.

Good luck, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

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