Blockchain Cuties — 1.01 patch notes

Hello fellow Cutieners! Blockchain Cuties is finally live on Ethereum’s Main Network! The game is launched and you can start breeding your beautiful Cuties and sending them on adventures in search for valuable items!

The team of Blockchain Cuties works hard every day to improve your overall experience in our game. We are very thankful for the feedback you have left on Discord and Telegram and we take your suggestions and ideas seriously. Let’s make this game great together! Here are the update notes for version 1.01!

Blockchain Changes

Cooldown index changes with generation
Changed so that cooldown indexes are connected with the generation of the cutie. This means, that GEN0 pets by default have the index 0 cooldowns and GEN10 pets by default will have the index 10 cooldowns.

Breeding changes
Added a small commission fee on cutie breeding.

Overall Improvements

Referral links
Added a referral link to player settings and profile pages so players can invite their friends using their own referral and receive bonuses*. Start inviting your friends to join the adventure in blockchain cuties!
 *Referral bonuses are still work in progress, all referrals are saved and bonuses will be given out accordingly when they are ready.

Default sorting changed
Default sorting filter changed in “For Sale” page to “Youngest first” instead of “Cheapest first”.

UI Improvements

Pet featuring on the sale page
Added a slider to pet featuring on marketplace “For Sale” tab. Right now the featured pets show up to 9 cuties instead of 3 (like it was before).

Sending pets on adventure
Reworked the way the pets are sent on adventure, now from adventure tab when you press on “send on adventure” button, you get redirected to a page where you see the statistics of the cutie selected (before you could only see detailed statistics of your most experienced cutie). There are other small improvements made in order to introduce batch send in future updates.

Leaderboard design improved
Reworked the visual design of leaderboard. This is the first step for improving overall leaderboard mechanics for future updates.

Battle report design improved
Reworked the visual representation of battles. Now several rounds are shown instead of a single round.

Filter design improvement
Changed the overall design for filters and made them mobile friendly.

Game Design Improvements

Reworked the balance of item drops from adventures
Tweaked Elixir of Life percentage drop and increased Adventure Elixir and Potion of Fertility drop percentage substantially for all adventures. Elixir of Life should be a potion which is very valuable as it resets a cooldown by 1 step, we increased the drop of “Potion of Fertility” instead, which resets the current active cooldown.

Added new item to the drop table
Clothes hanger added to the drop of the current adventures. Cloth Hanger is an item that allows you to remove equipped items from the pets safely (without losing them). This means that you can return worn items from pets to your inventory with the help of Clothes hanger.

Adventure battle changes
Reworked the way the battles are calculated. Now it uses a round system where the winner is decided upon 2 wins on either side. Also added the “Location Attack” skill check, that can set a debuff on the pet who fails the skill check (this is a mechanic that will further be improved with future updates).

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when wrong tutorial pop-up shows up when inventory is opened;
  • Fixed a weird bug where activity reports didn’t show the correct users participated in an adventure;
  • Fixed a problem with a popup not showing up for changing the player name, if player hasn’t set up an e-mail;
  • Fixed a bug where cutie did not show up in the header banner of leaderboards;
  • Fixed a bug where wrong popup appeared if player had no items in inventory;
  • Fixed several translation bugs.