Blockchain Cuties — 1.02 patch notes

Hello fellow Cutieners! Update 1.02 comes with several bug fixes and also a major content update introducing foxes & new customization items. Foxes have been willing to play for a while now and finally we are letting them into our world of cuties.

We are very thankful for the feedback you have left on Discord and Telegram! Some of your suggestions have already been made true in this update as well as some reported bug fixes! Thank you! Here are the update notes for version 1.02!

Server Changes

Possible fix for broken sessions

There have been quite a few complaints lately about sessions not properly working. Players were randomly kicked out of the game and had to re-login. Right now we issued a hot-fix that should have eliminated this problem. Please report to us if the bug still persists.

Overall Improvements

Activity tab improvements

Fixed a problem with activity reports when auction did not return any notification to the player that it has ended. Also added ETH price to activities as suggested by users.

Also added that sold and bought item notifications are shown in your activity tab (they previously weren’t showing up if you sold something).

Retrieving cuties after auction is expired

Added a button “Retrieve from auction” to the cuties who have been on auction and returned after time set by user without being bought or sired with. After such event user is required to manually recover the pet from the auction state in order to continue using the pet normally for breeding, siring or sending it on adventures.

Added new items to adventure drops

Added almost 30 different items to adventure drops that can be received with a high probability, these items are cosmetic at the most although they also grant a small bonus to received EXP or drop chance. Don’t waste time, get into the adventures and get your baseball caps, t-shirts, ties and bow ties!

Beta cuties issued

In this update we rolled out the iFind cuties to the most active users who were participating in our open BETA. They are GEN0 fancy noble cuties which can do everything that a normal cutie could do. Thank you for testing our game on BETA!

Unique cuties added to fancy leader-boards

Previously unique cuties weren’t represented in the leaderboards at all. We decided to put them in the same category with fancy cuties. Now fancy cuties and unique cuties count together in “Fancy Leaderboard” tab.

Added foxes to the game

Added a new type of cuties to the game — Foxes. First GEN0 foxes will be appearing on the shop soon so keep an open eye and look for them!

Game Design Improvements

Adventure BOT opponent rebalanced

Rebalanced the BOT opponent with whom players where matched if cutie did not find any opponent in “Looking for Foe” state when in adventure. Before: BOT had the same power bonuses as its matched opponent, so we decided to rebalance it by removing these power bonuses from the BOT and making it more similar to simple cutie that has the same level as its opponent.

Alien Tyrant abilities

The special presale cutie “Alien” is now improved by having a weapon “Alien Tyrant Claw” which gives regeneration ability. This ability restores adventure cooldown of Alien every 24 hours by 1 step. This means that the adventure cooldown over time restores itself to the maximum state — “Ironlike”.

This item can’t be taken off the Alien and it can’t be sold. It comes as a package together with the presaled unique cutie.

UI Improvements

Changed layout of the menu buttons

Changed the layout of the buttons for the main menu. There is no inventory button now on top menu, it is instead now under My Cuties page. All things connected with selling are moved to Marketplace. Thanks to user “NodeMaster” on Discord for suggesting this.

Alien Cutie page updated

Updated Alien cutie profile page in order for it to show the unique “Alien Tyrant Claw” item and its bonuses.

Sent to adventure popup

Changed the way of how “Send To Adventure” pop-up looks in order for it to be mobile and web friendly.

Blockchain Cuties mobile version improvements

Done several fixes to the way of how our game looks on mobile, made it a lot more mobile friendly. Changed the way of how cutie profile page looks on mobile. Leaderboard design also updated to suite mobile version.

Changes to filters

Fixed a bug when setting a filter didn’t stay applied when user moved between “item and cutie” pages. Added possibility to sort by generation to the available filters.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a translation issue, when using a fertility potion it did not show the correct translation;
  • Added a warning message when using items to check for MetaMask extensions pending transactions. Sometimes the items which use Blockchain seem to be not working because there’s a pending transaction. This can happen to Elixir of Life, Grand Elixir of Life, Aristocracy Elixir and Fertility Potion as these potions make changes on blockchain;
  • Fixed an issue with profile name overlapping over the header of the page.
  • Fixed default pet ordering in market (Age ascending);
  • Fixed a serious bug when prices of the GEN0 cuties were way off the roof;
  • Fixed a bug where unique cutie powers were wrongly counted, now it’s restored to normal;
  • Leaderboards can now be seen when player hasn’t logged in into the game;
  • Added an icon for unique pets;
  • Added new sorting type “Latest”;
  • Added several new translations for new items;
  • Fixed bug with glasses giving -5% to drop chance instead of +5%.




Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

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