Blockchain Cuties — 1.07 patch notes

Hello fellow Cutieners! Expected another update? Here comes patch 1.07 which brings changes to referral system (new design and rewards), brings changes to activity logs, bug fixes and few new items added to adventures overall.

Overall Improvements

Referral system improved

Referral program access through player control panel

We announced the referral system quite a while ago, but we did not have any proper visual representation of it for players to actually follow their referral progress and see what kind of rewards they are going to receive for inviting more players to the game. This finally has changed and you can find the “referral program” under your profile tab.

It’s time to get your rewards guys! Invite as many friends as you can.

Referral program visual view

Added several new items to adventures
There have been several requests from players to have new items in adventures to farm. Smart glasses have been added to loot drop and also special Toshi set has been added to the game (parts of this set can be farmed in Magical Forest, The Desert and Ivory Tower).

Toshi item set worn on a cat

UI Improvements

Added functionality to activities tab
Activities tab has some new features added to it as well, now you can actually see the item that was used on the pet. There’s also another feature planned (probably gonna come next update) that will show the player item it has received from the adventure without checking the adventure report.

Mobile layout improvements
We keep working on improving the mobile UI for users, so there are several changes that users are going to notice straight away.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when set items did not update the cool down on pets;
  • Fixed an issue with item bonus “stacking”, some players were able to stack % drops from items — this is now fixed;
  • Fixed an issue with “Hat Ushanka” it gave 95% drop chance increase instead of 5% how it was intended.

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