Blockchain Cuties — 1.09 patch notes

Hello Cutieners! Today was a day of another small update to the game, there’s not many visible changes to the game, but there’s a lot of changes “under the hood”. We are happy to announce that we getting closer to new battle system, proper wiki on the game and we got a few more unannounced tricks up our sleeve. Work continues every day to make this project great! Here’s patch 1.09 notes.

Overall Improvements

Custom cuties are here!
In a creative everyday process its inevitable that new ideas come to our mind every day. That’s just how the creative mind works, doesn’t it? We figured to add a possibility for you guys to create your own unique cutie and by creating I mean — you will be the one who decides how it will look visually.

Recognize the guy? No? It’s actually a cutie made in reference to Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum.

Now any player has the ability to “bid” on creating a custom cutie. When the bidding is over — the player with the highest bid will be contacted through an e-mail in order to find out what kind of cutie does the player want. Afterwards the same artist who did all these amazing, stunning cuties will work on the custom cutie just for you. All we need is a photo of you, family member or girlfriend/boyfriend! Our artist will do the rest. So who will it be? Make history and cutify yourself!

Imagine having a very unique cutie just for yourself? Nobody else would own a cutie like that and of course you would be free to sell it or do anything you want with it.

Cheeky part — donations
Here comes the cheeky part — yes, we have added a possibility for our players to donate money just to support the developers if they want to. This was a feature requested by few players who wished to have such possibility if they’d want to donate. It doesn’t mean we are having tough times. It wasn’t a necessary thing for us to do and it didn’t take a lot of time to do it. It’s just there and we sure didn’t want to make it a big red flashing button “donate” on the main page. That’s why we went for a simple link in your “settings” tab where the player has an access to it, its not invasive and it sure doesn’t get into the players face.

UI Improvements

Small menu changes
As a new feature “custom cutie” was added, it took the place of “Special Sale” button in the main menu. Now “Special Sale” is moved under the “Marketplace” section and is renamed to “Unique”.

Teaser — Big Things are Coming!

The new battle system!

Does this armor remind you of anything!?

Bigger things are coming to Blockchain Cuties and the possibilities are endless. New battle system is right around the corner, excited?

More localization!
There’s two more languages coming to our game and are almost here! It’s “こんにちは” and “여보세요”! Didn’t understand that? Two new languages coming to the game is Japanese and Korean! We find it important to localize our in-game content in order to make it accessible by a wider audience. Guess which language is next?

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