Blockchain Cuties — 1.11 patch notes

Hello Cutieners! There’s a new patch 1.11 out and here are the notes for the changes that came with it. There are more patches on the way — wink, wink.

Overall Improvements

Football event added to the game!
Cuties world championship 2018 minigame shootout is made as an tribute event to FIFA world championship being held in Russia from 14.06–14.07!

Fairfight Fox — players Chakra Fox cutie!

In this event players have to complete a penalty shoot-out, there are in total 5 rounds and players have to score all 5 goals in order to receive a football themed reward.

Get all 32 team jerseys which participate in FIFA 2018

Rewards are split into levels, so that cuties of different levels would receive different rewards. Player with the highest overall completed mini-games will receive unique Cuties World Championship 2018 cup item.

There are 32 jerseys created specially for this event! There’s also a referee jersey and a football ball. These are set items, so combining the football ball together with any jersey will create a set. There are several types of sets (the given bonuses) that are set up by world ranking of the teams. Stronger team jerseys — have better bonuses overall.

Also those players who have already received the new rewards, have noticed that in the translations there are such things mentioned as “attack”, “defense” and other values. It is planned to launch the first version of the new battle mechanics this week and then start working on matchmaking issues.

UI Improvements

Added WIKI menu to player settings
WIKI was launched right before the previous 1.10 update, but we completely forgot to add it to the game menu — so people have easy access to it. Now it’s done.

“WIKI — knowledge” button

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the new tutorial cutie getting a breeding cool-down for no apparent reason;
  • Fixed a weird bug when “Send To Adventure” button was glitching out;
  • Fixed a visual glitch in battle reports;

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