Blockchain Cuties — 1.21 patch notes

Hello Cutieners! It’s been a rocky road for Blockchain Cuties team — lot of up’s and downs, but finally we can roll out the achievement system to public, so you guys now have first hand opportunity of trying it out. As always there’s quite a few minor updates that had come together with achievements and their going to be listed down below in the patch notes. Here come the patch notes for update 1.21!

Game Design Improvements

Achievements have arrived
This is great news for everyone! Now your success and progress in the game can be seen through achievements and the best thing is — you are going to get rewarded for completing different achievements!

All achievements that are tied to blockchain operations are going to be awarded to players! Although all achievements that are connected with offchain — for example adventures e.t.c. are going to be a fresh start for everyone achievement wise.

There might still be some bugs here and there — so please be so kind and report them to us on our Discord” — suggestions tab.

In order to access achievement page you have to open up your profile page and press on “Achievements” button.

Achievements can be found through profile page

In achievement page there’s section “Achievement Showcase” where you can choose achievements that you want to show to other players when they access your profile page. Also achievements are grouped by their “type”, so far there’s “breeding”, “adventures”, “cuties” and “item collecting” groups implemented.

Achievement page — available achievements

Every achievement has a reward and in order to receive the reward, players have to “claim” the reward. There are different kinds of rewards — most of them are off-chain, although there are rewards that are on blockchain for example GEN0 cuties.

It’s not the final design, so some achievements are subject to change.

After completing achievement, it needs to be claimed.

Every achievement has “achievement point” value that is shown in the top right corner by blue number. For example “family man” achievement has value of “100” achievement points. These points are there to represent the overall progress of the player — they are shown in leader-boards.

Bottom right corner represents the reward that player is going to receive for completing this achievement.

What’s that coin thing!?

Paw coin — official in-game currency

In addition to achievements, there’s a new currency added to the game called “Paw Coins”. These are off-chain coins that later can be used in an in-game shop in order to acquire various items, potions and other things. These coins will not be trade-able or sell-able. At the moment these coins can only be earned via achievements, but in the future we are planning to add them as rewards to adventures as well.

In future we are planning to have an additional gold coin added to the game, that is going to be a blockchain token. So it will be possible to trade and sell those coins, but not “Paw Coins”.

At 1.21 update there’s still no shop for paw-coins. This shop is going to be released in future updates.

Overall Improvements

New leader-boards have been added to the game
With arrival of achievements it was obvious that we need a leader-board for people to see who is the top “achiever” in our game. Also another leader-board “most experience gained” has been added, which shows the overall experience earned by the player.

Leader-boards for achievements and most experienced cuties

Korean language added to the game
We continue our work to localize and bring out game to a wider audience. So now we the game is also localized to Korean! So far Blockchain Cuties is available to its players in Japanese, Chinese, English and Korean languages. What’s next? What do you think?

Football Legend cutie has been added to pre-sale

Cutie inspired by football championship — Football Legend cutie

Limited edition Football Legend, there will be only 10 available. Football Legend comes with few initial bonuses: 
- power of 4 (1 for 1st level, 1 for nobility, 2 for being unique); 
- attack bonus of 3;
- luck bonus of 6%;
- bonus to loot drop of 50%;
- bonus to experience gained of 50%;
- Empowered — This cutie is stronger against raid boss foes.

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue when players weren’t able to view other player profiles;
  • Updated the wrong text in Snowy Mountain adventure “meeting the black dragon”;
  • Added missing translation for Ruby necklace;
  • Fixed translation for “costa-rica” team jersey;
  • Fixed issue when sharing battle reports to other players, the links to player profile pages did not work;
  • Made a limitation for maximum allowed symbols in pets name;
  • Removed ChatWee application from the web-page — when service was down, it hanged the whole page. We are now working on a solution by implementing discord chat on to our page.

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