Blockchain Cuties — 1.21 patch notes

Game Design Improvements

Achievements can be found through profile page
Achievement page — available achievements
After completing achievement, it needs to be claimed.
Paw coin — official in-game currency

Overall Improvements

Leader-boards for achievements and most experienced cuties
Cutie inspired by football championship — Football Legend cutie

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue when players weren’t able to view other player profiles;
  • Updated the wrong text in Snowy Mountain adventure “meeting the black dragon”;
  • Added missing translation for Ruby necklace;
  • Fixed translation for “costa-rica” team jersey;
  • Fixed issue when sharing battle reports to other players, the links to player profile pages did not work;
  • Made a limitation for maximum allowed symbols in pets name;
  • Removed ChatWee application from the web-page — when service was down, it hanged the whole page. We are now working on a solution by implementing discord chat on to our page.



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