Blockchain Cuties — 1.22 patch notes

Hello Cutieners! Here come the patch notes for a long awaited matchmaking rework and other new features added to the game.

Overall Improvements

Matchmaking reworked
There have been several discussions on Discord and on Telegram about matchmaking, it’s state and how it punishes new players who come to play our game. Just when the new battle system was released, we did not overhaul the matchmaking system which left chaos in the adventure world (people getting matched with each other unfairly e.t.c). This was an important issue to address and fix before any further updates to battle system & raidboss system.

New system takes into account all the important characteristics of the cutie (power, attack, defense, luck and evasion). Also only cuties of maximum 5 generation difference can be matched with each other.

New matchmaking takes into account new stats

Players are now matched according to cuties “overall power” which is considered a sum of power, attack, defense, luck/2 and evasion/2.

New matchmaking also takes into consideration what adventure the player has gone to. If a player has gone to level 1 adventure “Snowy Mountain”, then the “overall power” margin of players getting matched is +/- three. This is going to make it a fair fight for newcomers and veteran players who are used to farming lower level locations. Veterans will get matched between each other more frequently. Every adventure has it’s own “overall power” margin, that can change in future updates (as we gather more data).

Current “overall power” margins:
Snowy Mountain — 3
Magical Forest — 3
Desert — 5
Ivory Tower — 6
Metropolis — 8

In addition to that, there’s always 10% chance that player is going to get matched straight away with anyone already participating in the adventure.

Happy hunting ladies and gents!

Daily lottery added to the game
Starting from 1.22 patch daily lotteries will take place in Blockchain Cuties. Daily lottery includes different kind of rewards every day. It’s almost free of cost as to participate player applies through blockchain by sending an empty transaction. Participation cost depends on the price of blockchain “gas”, no additional fee will be held for the transaction. May the fortune be with you!

Daily lottery page

Daily lottery can found under “My Cuties” page — “Daily Lottery”.

“My cuties” — daily lottery tab

Custom cutie page updated
Custom cutie page got improved by a showcase, where previous unique cutie orders are shown to other players. Also changed the amount of bids available and switched translations (so they correspond to latest changes).

Custom cuties shown on “custom cutie” page

Added new achievement type “earn X ETH”
In this update a new type of achievements have been added. Earn “x” amount of ETH from trade — from selling items, siring or selling cuties.

earn “x” amount of ETH achievements

In future updates we are going to also address the current problems with achievements — they are not synced with previous player endeavors. This is going to be solved in upcoming future updates (so don’t worry.. all the pets you have breed before the achievements — will be counted).

Fox wearing new “Black Metal Bracelets” and “Leaf Headband”

Added new items to the game
Quite a few new items have been added to the game and some of them can be acquired through lottery, later these items are going to appear to a newly added adventures!

Metal Gear Headband
Leaf Headband
Karate Headband
Ruyu Headband
Sport Green Bracelet
Sport Pink Bracelet
Teen Bracelet
Military Intelligence Bracelet
Pearl Bracelet
Boxer Gloves
Ninja Claws
Black Metal Bracelet
Monks Bracelet
Bikers Bracelet
Biker’s Jacket
Biker’s Shades
Hussar Bracelet
Hussar Uniform
Hussar Busby

Other bug fixes

  • Changed translations for all items on the adventure cool-down reduction effect (now it corresponds to adventure potion description);
  • Fixed wrong translations in Chinese version of the game in “achievements”;
  • Added a missing translation on cuties wallet — when after pressing “create” no password was entered;
  • Fixed achievement typos across English localization;
  • Fixed 404 error problems that started after last 1.21 update;
  • Fixed achievement “Faster” — it was located in wrong category;