Blockchain Cuties — 1.22 patch notes

Overall Improvements

Matchmaking reworked
There have been several discussions on Discord and on Telegram about matchmaking, it’s state and how it punishes new players who come to play our game. Just when the new battle system was released, we did not overhaul the matchmaking system which left chaos in the adventure world (people getting matched with each other unfairly e.t.c). This was an important issue to address and fix before any further updates to battle system & raidboss system.

New matchmaking takes into account new stats
Daily lottery page
“My cuties” — daily lottery tab
Custom cuties shown on “custom cutie” page
earn “x” amount of ETH achievements
Fox wearing new “Black Metal Bracelets” and “Leaf Headband”
Metal Gear Headband
Leaf Headband
Karate Headband
Ruyu Headband
Sport Green Bracelet
Sport Pink Bracelet
Teen Bracelet
Military Intelligence Bracelet
Pearl Bracelet
Boxer Gloves
Ninja Claws
Black Metal Bracelet
Monks Bracelet
Bikers Bracelet
Biker’s Jacket
Biker’s Shades
Hussar Bracelet
Hussar Uniform
Hussar Busby

Other bug fixes

  • Changed translations for all items on the adventure cool-down reduction effect (now it corresponds to adventure potion description);
  • Fixed wrong translations in Chinese version of the game in “achievements”;
  • Added a missing translation on cuties wallet — when after pressing “create” no password was entered;
  • Fixed achievement typos across English localization;
  • Fixed 404 error problems that started after last 1.21 update;
  • Fixed achievement “Faster” — it was located in wrong category;



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