Blockchain Cuties — 1.23 patch notes

Hello Cutieners! You have been breeding, going to adventures and participating in football event very actively and while you have been doing that — we have been working on update that brings new features to the game and improves upon the ones already done before. Yesterday was the day of our first video podcast where some of you already got a sneak peek in today's update. Unfortunately the first video podcast did not save on twitch and there’s gonna be a re-run of the podcast on next Thursday. Don’t miss it! We wish you a good read — here’s the patch notes for 1.23 update.

Overall Improvements

Improved item market — item batching is here!
It’s finally here! This is a feature we wanted to implement for some time now. All of you know that it has been a pain to find something in the item market. In order to buy a proper item you had to go through several lists of same items. Now this is finally over!

We introduce to you the first version of item market rework which improves the overall user experience by far! As a reference we used a very known market to any gamer — the Steam market. Quantity of available items on sale are listed separately and user sees the starting price.

Now item’s in item market are batched for easier overview

After clicking on a particular item it shows all these kind of items and their prices that are up for sale. Also the items that you have listed will have a “grey” button as you can’t really buy your own items.

When a particular item is selected, it shows all the available items for sale and their prices.

Improved lottery logic!
We felt that it would only be fair to reward every player who participates in the lottery. Now, after successfully applying for lottery player is going to receive 10 pawcoins (right when the transaction has passed)!

User receives 10 pawcoins for participation in lottery

Improved achievement reward activity notifications!
There are lot of achievements available for our players to explore and try to achieve. Although we felt that it is not cool that player doesn’t get any notification when the only reward for completing achievement were pawcoins. Now it is fixed and after claiming an achievement, player is going to receive a notification in “activity’s” panel that will state the amount of pawcoins received.

User receives notifications about pawcoin rewards in their activity log

Added several achievements for our football fans!
It felt like there’s something missing with the football event — it’s a sense of achievement. We decided as the event is finished to check how many times a player has participated in the football event and reward the player with achievement. There’s now achievements that are automatically rewarded to everyone who participated “x” amount of times in the event. Also we created achievements for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Football Achievements

This also means that every player who has participated in the event will receive a reward, but of course there is only one grand prize that’s given out to our number one contender! It’s the “2018 Cuties World Football Championship Cup”.

2018 Cuties World Football Championship Cup

This item is rather powerful when it’s combined with other items from football set. As it “enhances” any football sets attributes by 4 attack and 4 defense! Congratulations to our winner.

Full football set with the cup equipped

On a side notice there was a situation in the football leader-boards where it seemed that two players Fishojoy and Zoe😺uties have made a deal to stop playing football as they both had 307 successful goals. As it works in real life, there can’t really be two world champions, so the winner was decided by checking who of these two players has achieved more victories in less tries.

Player who got the upper hand this time is “Zoe😺uties”! Congratulations! In total Zoe had send pets into 5438 mini-games, out of which 307 where successful. Fishojoy on the other hand had send his pets on 5828 mini-games, out of which 307 where successful. Making Zoe the champion and winner with 5,645% winrate and Fishojoy 2nd winner with 5,267%!

More statistics on football will be posted on Monday with detailed information about the top 50 players their win/lose percentage e.t.c.

Leader-boards do not have this logic built in so they can be inaccurate! In screenshot below it shows that Fishojoy has won the tournament, but statistically it was Zoe who took the upper hand.
The top three players who received special achievements

Thanks to everyone who has participated! There will be more events like this one with different kind of mini-games. Halloween? Christmas? You name it!

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issues with mobile layout when opening achievements tab;
  • Closed football event and removed the timers, buttons and other things connected to it;
  • Found a possible fix for “Unknown Activity” bug — this should be fixed now;
  • Improved the way that pop-ups work for future improvements and features;

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