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Blockchain Cuties
Aug 17, 2018 · 7 min read

Hello Cutieners! It’s been a rather long time since the last patch notes that were released back in 31st of July.

Does it mean that there were no updates for almost 2,5 weeks? No! Not really. There have been several hotfixes made after the launch of 1.31, as this release brought some unexpected server behavior that had to be fixed.

Either way, our dwarfs have worked day & night fixing everything that has been broken as well as creating new features for our players to enjoy. More details as always — down below. Patch notes for 1.31 update and hotfixes.

Happy reading folks!

Let’s kick off these patch notes by listing all the hotfixes that were done before update 1.31 and didn’t get listed before.

Hotfixes prior 1.31 update

Hotfix 1.30.1
- animation added for Block Show Fox & Devil Dragon;
- fixed a long-standing issue with egg colors, now they are properly colored (eggs have actual colors to them);
- fixed an issue with “Submit” button when buying items from paw shop with “Blockchain Cuties Wallet”;
- adventure statistics bug got fixed (the score is shown precisely);
- fixed the issue with all newborn cuties having “SpecialTribute” attribute, pets with false “SpecialTribute” will get this attribute removed;
- fixed the issue with items disappearing after the end of an auction, these items were held in “auction”, but weren’t displayed. All players should now have their items.
- improved responsiveness of adventure reports, now they look better on mobile;
- improved responsiveness of adventure pop-ups, now they look better on mobile;
- improved responsiveness of item use warning pop-ups, now they look better on mobile;

Hotfix 1.30.2
- fixed the problem with the ability to buy cuties with PLAT;
- the wrong person showing up in activity log — possible fix;
- first steps finished in integrating BitGuild platform;
- fixed an issue when players weren’t able to buy items from paw shop by using ETH;
- fixed an issue with players not being able to buy Unique cuties;

Hotfix 1.30.3
- improved the code for PLAT market on the server side;
- placed a BitGuild marker next to pets which can be bought for PLAT;
- made it possible for users to use “ctrl-click” in order to open a page in a new tab on computers;
- fixed an issue with those items on item market that couldn’t be bought (threw exception error in MetaMask);
- improved server-side logging for improved debugging of user problems;
- fixed phone UI not loading when using Trust;
- fixed an issue with achievement descriptions not loading up on some mobile devices;
- fixed a blockchain contract exception that prevented players from siring;

Hotfix 1.30.4
- fixed the issue with players being able to send pets on multiple adventures simultaneously (thanks guys for reporting this);
- improved server-side security;
- improved the way admins can recover pets on page directly (broken svg’s, broken pets & broken attributes);
- fixed the issue with players not being able to participate in the lottery with internal wallet on all platforms;
- fixed a visual bug with adventure cooldown appearing in “most experienced” cutie stats;
- improved the way how “attribute” search works, now the after player chooses a particular attribute he is transferred to “all” page showing all the pets with particular attribute instead of moving player to page “for sale”;
- fixed a visual bug with Ethor helmet not hiding dogs ears;
- continued integrating of BitGuild platform;
- made it possible for the player to move to his inventory after pressing on particular item in activity log;
- fixed an issue of Ethor not having “empowered” stat that increases its power against upcoming raidbosses;
- fixed an issue when the player was able to see “activity” log button even when he has been logged out leading to error;
- fixed a visual glitch with notification button overlapping language button;
- made it possible for players to see “signed” items — these are items that were used and are signed for usage on server side (meaning that if a transaction fails using the particular item, after 12h it will be use-able for the player). This feature is going to be improved in the future.

Hotfix 1.30.5
- optimized our SQL database to improve the overall server side & client performance for users suffering heavy lag on the server;
- optimized player inventories — to eliminate problems with inventories lagging and returning “server timeout”;
- fixed an issue with “Hussar Hat” not giving any stats to the cutie wearing it, thus “Hussar Set” now has a correct bonus;
- made the “gift” item feature hidden from users that didn’t have this feature enabled;

That’s it for the hotfixes being done during the week and here comes the official patch notes 1.31 you’ve all been eager to read!

Overall Improvements

Added three more languages to the game!
Hey, guys, remember we promised that there are going to be more localization? More languages = more people being able to play the game in their native languages, thus removing some language barriers for players who do not communicate in English!
Which languages were added to the game!?

Unique market page visual looks improved
Improved the overall look of Unique Cutie market page as well as the overall user experience on mobile phones.

We continue improving the overall looks of our game. And this time a slight retouch was made to our unique cuties page. It looks awesome and it’s still getting some decent touches here and there with the next update. Go check it out, guys!

Item history added to the game
In order to solve issues with some disappearing items and improve the overall experience of the players — item history was introduced in this patch. This allows the players to filter a particular item in the activity tab and see all the activities connected with this item. This makes it easier for the player to report any found issues and it also is a nice thing to have.

Try this feature out by pressing the “bell” icon on the activity page.

Activity filters and tabs is the next thing on our to-do list that will allow players to select particular activities and check them (instead of searching through hundreds of activity log pages).

New activity types added to the game
Several new activity types were added to the game. This will allow players to properly follow event histories of their items and cuties.

For example, an activity log is going to be sent to the player:

  • after an item was “destroyed” by equipping another item on top of an old one of the same type
  • when the item is listed on the auction
  • when the item is removed from a pet with cloth hanger

The 10 000 cutie is almost here!
It’s a brute! It sure has a lot of scars and some heavy metal armor — a battle veteran! Here’s a sneak peak of the rough sketches of the epic cutie 10 000, it’s almost here! Are you ready guys? Who is going to own the 10 000 cutie? Is it going to be you?

New unique custom cutie released — the Baby Gator
There’s another custom cutie joining the wilderness in Blockchain Cuties and it’s fantastic! Cynicallia, congratulations on your new cuitie! She is amazing.

Do you have an idea what should be the next big thing? Let us know!

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a translation issue with fertility and life elixirs not having proper translations (showing up the translation keys for users);
  • Fixed the issue with players being able to sometimes see other people’s activities in their activity tab (after hotfix);
  • Fixed the issue with fertility and life elixirs being bugged after players try to use them and cancel the transaction — these items were signed server side and restricted the player from using other types of elixirs;
  • Fixed the translation issue in Blockchain Cuties Wallet when wrong passwords were written;
  • Fixed the issue with UI when pets were viewed in “Ready to go on adventure” — the total number of pets overlapped with filter;

Twitch “The Pawedcast” episode 4!
On a side note there was pod-cast held by our community manager Tehn and our game designer and developer Joy about the future plans and overall life of Blockchain Cuties. If you haven’t seen it — be sure to check it out.

Make sure you follow us on our social profiles like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discord and here — on Medium for more updates. Keep rocking, keep playing and see ya on the Blockchain Cuties!

Blockchain Cuties Universe

Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe.

Blockchain Cuties

Written by

First Multi-Blockchain Collectible Game With Adventures. We’re on ETH, TRON, NEO, and EOS . ⇨

Blockchain Cuties Universe

Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

Blockchain Cuties

Written by

First Multi-Blockchain Collectible Game With Adventures. We’re on ETH, TRON, NEO, and EOS . ⇨

Blockchain Cuties Universe

Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

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