Blockchain Cuties — 1.32 patch notes

Hello Cutieners! Are you ready to rip through another patch notes for 1.32 release? As always we haven’t stopped developing and our dwarfs have been working day and night to deliver new features & changes to the current state of the game. As always more details down below.

Happy reading folks!

First, let’s start with a YouTube video that was recently published as a tease for the upcoming unique cutie “Bitcoin Man”. Some of you have already made jokes that Joy (me) is going to be a “raid boss”. Who knows!? He he.. Bitcoin Man is going to be the second cutie with the attribute “HeroSquad” and in total there are going to be 3 cuties with this unique attribute.

Excited? Bitcoin Man — coming soon

Bitcoin Man tease video

Overall Improvements

Maximum cutie level mechanic added
We never intended for cuties to be able to level up higher than Level 10. It is the highest peak a cutie can reach — it means it has fought hundreds of battles, has more than a few battle scars and a massive battle experience. It’s enough of farming experience — right? You are experienced enough! Time to reap the benefits!

Level 10 is now maximum level

Now when a cutie reaches level 10, it receives paw coins instead of experience in adventures. A little caveat is that paw coins are given out to cutie only if it returns as a winner from an adventure. It means that by winning an adventure this cutie returns with a possible item + guaranteed small sum of paw coins. Amount of paw-coins depends on the level of the adventure and it grows exponentially as it increases, so obviously “Metropolis” is the most rewarding.

More end-game coming soon — stay tuned!

Added new activity type for items being returned from the auction house
We keep improving overall “activity” page by adding more types of activities to it. Players have to be able to identify what happened to their items and cuties at all times. We aim to create activity tab as the “history” of all actions done in game. Is activity search coming next? Quite possibly!

Activity type for items returning to player after auction has ended.

Added activity filters 
The first iteration of activity filtering is here, players are now able to filter activities by their “type”. At the moment there are three activity types available for the player to choose from “info”, “adventure” and “market”.

Activities can now be filtered by their “type”

Search item by name (new filter type added to players inventory)
As we stated before — item batching was just the beginning. In this update, we introduced item search in order to make it easier for players to find a particular item. Next important step is to improve the overall item equipping experience.

Item searching in inventory

Redesigned the way how 10k cutie looks and how nr. 1 cutie looks
Recently we hit a new milestone in the cutie world — the 10th thousand cutie was born and for a massive surprise to all the players, it was a unique cutie — one of a kind. Here you can compare the old and new look designed by our artists.

1st Cutie ever born on Blockchain Cuties! Left — new design. Right — old design.
10000 Cutie born on Blockchain Cuties! Left — new design. Right — old design.

Which one do you like better? Leave your opinion on Telegram or Discord!

Created a special “promo” page for people to redeem promo codes
This was a must-have feature as we have thought about so many different giveaways that could be done through twitch and other social media — but we were lacking simple automated solution of giving away items/cuties. It is now created and tested. Most of you have noticed that there are several new cuties that have appeared in the game called “Blockshow Fox’. Our CEO Vladimir Tomko was attending a big event which took place in USA, Las Vegas. Lot of promotional and networking work was done during this event and special promo codes were given out to attendees.

Get ready to participate in new awesome giveaways and have a chance to receive some unique promo codes with amazing rewards!

Promo page can be found at:

You can find the promo page @

Redesigned the look of language selection, now it’s more sleek
For some time we have had the language selector, but it just had language strings (letters) there. We decided to put flags instead of simple strings (letters). How do you like the new language selector?

New language selection bar with languages available in Blockchain Cuties

Redesigned the overall mobile look of icons in the bottom corner
Our previous update introduced a small lottery reminder as an icon in the corner of the screen. This icon was located next to telegram and discord icons. Mobile users were not happy about it as it was sometimes in the way of other UI items. This feature was redesigned for mobile devices and now it’s a lot more attractive and less getting in the way of player’s daily routine.

On mobile devices — icons are now hidden

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue with bidding steps. It was possible that the user bid smaller amount than shown in the UI. This is now fixed & users have to bid with a proper increment in steps. For example 0.20, 0.25, 0.30 e.t.c.;
  • Fixed an issue with “Not a bro!” achievement reward — it did not give out gen0 pet as a reward;
  • Optimized “pet request” on the server, now it takes less times to receive data from the server;
  • Fixed an issue with items lost in transition that have been “signed” by the server for several days & have not returned back to the player;
  • Fixed a bug with some buttons not working properly on mobile devices;
  • Fixed an issue with items not being transferred properly to a recipient after a user has used “gift item” option;
  • Fixed an issue with achievements not being awarded to players after acquiring certain attribute pets (generated by the reward system, gifted and bought e.t.c.), this should fix the issue with “barber” achievement and others;
  • Fixed an issue on Iphone’s with users not being able to copy their wallet address after pressing “copy wallet address” on cuties wallet;
  • Removed buy now & sell buttons from the list of “signed” items;
  • Fixed spelling of some achievements;
  • Fixed an issue with some achievements not having proper rewards (the top tier achievements which give out gen0 cuties);
  • Fixed several UI issues across the board (different small bugs in the overall UI design & look);
  • Fixed an issue with cutie filters showing two identical cuties instead of one (filter bug when selecting several attributes in the filter);

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