Blockchain Cuties — 1.33 patch notes

Hello Cutieners! What a hell of a ride this has been… Imagine us having to fight our way through an alley with thousands of little enemies called bugs & refactors. We the devs are a single marine unit which has a top secret most important mission — to deliver the update 1.33 to the starving population of Blockchain Cuties. Good news! Intensive testing of the new features is done, and it’s ready to rock the world of Blockchain Cuties! We made it through and with slight delays — the update 1.33 with changes you’ve all been waiting for is here.

As always more details about the patch down below. It takes a great deal of time to write these detailed patch notes for you guys, and I (Joy) would much appreciate your support by clapping the hell out of this post down below.

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Hotfixes prior 1.33 update

Hotfix 1.32.1
- BitGuild launch preparations — setting everything up for the big BitGuild launch;
- removed ability to buy unique pets for tokens, — generation 0 are still available for sale for PLAT & other tokens;
- fixed an issue with custom cutie bidding — there were some rare occasions when “exception thrown in contract” was shown;

Hotfix 1.32.2
- fixed a security issue when a user was able to trigger javascript through player or pet name;
- made a slight adjustment to overall matchmaking formula, as it was not accounting power properly when calculating “overall” power for matchmaking:

old calculation: power + attack + defense + luck/2 + evasion/2
new calculation: power * 2 + attack + defense + luck/2 + evasion/2

Update 1.33 patch notes

There are many things that have changed, so take your time, read it through and place your comments down below or in discord, telegram e.t.c. Make the discussion flowing!

Overall Improvements

Added Lumi cutie to the game
Our friends at Lumi have just announced the official Lumi Collect IOS release on Product Hunt, so please up-vote their post and let’s make it epic!

Lumi tribute doggy, made in cooperation with Lumi Collect

Added more filter possibilities in activity tab
As promised activity tab is getting improvements with every update, now there are even more possibilities for users to filter their activities and find particular ones. Next step is activity search!?

Added plenty more filter possibilities for players to use and filter their activities

Added possibility to filter by pet activities
In the previous update, we added a possibility for users to filter activity by an individual item. Now we have added the same feature for pets — you can filter activities by a particular pet, to see it’s endeavours.

Changed the way how 10% chance of getting matched outside of matchmaking works
Now let me explain the bug that we had in matchmaking. As you all know, when a cutie enters an adventure it has a 10% chance to match up with anyone already an adventure. The problem was that it wasn’t triggered once but several times, for example:

I send a cutie to adventure 1 (Snowy Mountain), and my pet has overall power of 10 (+-3) which means that I could match up with someone with power 7 or power 13 (as matchmaking allows that). Matchmaking checks the 10%, and it doesn’t match me up with anyone outside the matchmaking range (pfuf i’m safe). Then, a big player sends in 50 of his pets (a lot stronger than mine) and every one of his pets, checks for these “10%” for a chance to match up with someone (spot a problem here?). This means that the odds of me being matched with a stronger player are a lot higher. This was the problem that we were able to fix & find after reviewing all the different reports from you — players.

Now let me tell the way how the new system is going to work. Here’s an example:

I send a pet with the overall power of 10 into an adventure 1 (snowy mountain). Matchmaking allows +/- 3 overall power difference. It checks for 10%, and my pet passes the check and is not “flagged” as ready for matching with anyone. My pet waits for an opponent in the matchmaking range and if none comes — he matches up with a bot.

I send another pet with the overall power of 10 into adventure 1 (snowy mountain). Matchmaking allows +/-3 overall power difference. It checks for 10%, and my pet gets “flagged”. This means it will match with anyone in his matchmaking range or with any other pet that has this “flag” as well.

Now let’s say another player sends in a stronger pet. It checks for 10%, if it gets flagged, then I will be matched up with this cutie as it’s flagged as well.

This system is going to greatly decrease the odds of a weaker players meeting up with stronger ones.

Added new adventures to the game
For quite some while there where no new adventures launched for you guys to explore. This update changes this and introduces two new adventures. One PVE adventure for level 1–2 cuties. Second PVP adventure for cuties level 6–10. Both adventures will introduce some new items for players to acquire.

PVE — player versus environment 
In these adventures player’s cuties will meet different bots instead of players. These adventures are going to give rewards and experience. Also, they will affect cool-downs as any other normal adventure.

Windy Hills (level 1–2 adventure, PVE)
(previously named “Meadow”, but as a result of feedback from players — a different name was chosen. Thanks, Cynicallia for suggesting it)

Adventure created specifically for new players, and also a place where veteran players can participate. It’s a more or less friendly environment for the new users to gain some experience by fighting a set of bots instead of meeting geared up opponents in PVP adventures.

Windy Hills — PVE adventure

Ghetto (level 6–10 adventure, PVP)
(the idea behind this level’s design, was to add some “story” to it. Blockchain Cuties have been out in the world for almost half a year now, and many of our players have stories of their own and supposedly are famous in the cutie world)

This adventure brings a set of new items for users to acquire. Some very powerful, some as references to some old movies and some looking cool and giving some nice stats overall. It’s a must! You have to check it out!

City Ghetto — PVP adventure

Added new items to the game
The pool of items is getting bigger. With every new item the possibilities and varieties of cuties become almost infinite. Here’s the list of some new items joining the game in the two brand new adventures.

Colander Helmet — straight out of kitchen!
Fedora’s are great — ain’t it true?
Blue Motorbike Helmet — get ready for some high speed racing!
Red Motorbike Helmet — get ready for some high speed racing!
Fly Swatter — the summers over, but there’s still some flies to swat!
Butterfly net — catch some of them butterflies. It’s like meditation, yes!?
Butterfly Knife — sharp and deadly
Green Torn Shirt — seems like it has had some rough days!
Blue Torn Shirt — seems like it has had some rough days!
Trench Coat — Remember those days when blue and red pills were a thing? ^^
Black Cinder set — a unique piece of equipment
Black Cinder set — a unique piece of equipment
Black Cinder set — a unique piece of equipment
Black Cinder set — a unique piece of equipment

Added new unique cutie for sale “Lord Ash”

Lord Ash with Black Cinder armor

Another set of cool new unique cuties has been added to the game, there are only 10 of these mighty foxes starting at 1ETH each. Lord Ash similarly to Ethor comes with a individual set of items that are unique — there are only 10 sets of these unique items.

Game Design changes

Air — Water — Earth — Fire — Energy

Elements — fire, air, earth, water, and energy
New depth to the battle system has been added by adding a new layer of mechanics. In the future when we plan to release duel battles and other cool stuff, we are thinking of rock, paper, scissors system. Meaning that some elements are going to be stronger against other elements e.t.c. It adds infinite possibilities for future development of adventures and battle variations — extend them to have elemental mechanics included.

Soon there’s going to be a blog post discussing our new battle mechanic and we will need player feedback to move forward with it.

Every cutie now has a particular element it is strong at, and it is shown on the cuties “card” on the bottom right corner. Elements are now going to be used in adventures, future raid-boss battles and other types of activities. Stay tuned!

Lizard with air element & cat with earth element

In case when a cutie has several elements counted as “strong” (meaning that their equal in power) — one random element is picked from all the “strong” ones.

Attributes — the new era is here
Attributes are based on cuties genes and usually represent some visual characteristics of the cuties like eye color, mustache type, pet-kind, hair and other visual traits.

Truth to be told — there are rare attributes and there are ones that are more common. Starting from this update, every attribute is going to influence the overall value & performance of the cutie. Breeding certain attributes is going to be a thing and rare attributes (the ones not that common in the market) will gain higher value for trade. Also this brings more value to fancy and unique cuties, as these pets gain “Unique” golden attributes that are considered the rarest. These unique attributes each have their own set of bonuses.

These changes were necessary to bring more depth to the “breeding” game, where getting pets with particular attribute sets would mean a lot more than simply having great looks.

So got a unique or tribute pet? Fantastic! Check out its bonus now!

Every attribute now has an “info” popup that shows attributes effect

Added new bot types to the game
In order to make future PVE adventures and have more strategy to it, we created custom bots with certain attributes & power. At this current update, bots are still going to be a copy of your own cutie without items. This is going to change in the future, to make bots more challenging in certain PVE adventures. Here’s a link to another medium post where bots where introduced! All hail the Don Hedgehogio!

More bot variations added for users to meet in their endeavors

Matchmaking is reworked and now includes elements
Recently there was an outcry in Telegram about matchmaking not being fair towards everyone as users were using naked high-level pets to be matched against lower ones. This was fixed with a hot-fix and the formula was changed.

With the introduction of elements, the formula was extended to include element bonuses in matchmaking formula as well. The current formula looks like this:

overall power equals to
power * 2 + attack + defense + luck/2 + evasion/2 + elemental power sum (in particular adventure)

This means that elemental power sum is going to work in matchmaking only if the adventure has “power elements” (shown on the adventure, check the screenshot). If an adventure has no “power elements” then it is considered as “neutral” and matchmaking works the old way.

Ghetto adventure has energy & power as main elements

Reworked item equipping
Gathering items and equipping only 3 on your cutie is history! Welcome to the new era of 5 item slots for every cutie. This has been redesigned to introduce more varieties of different items into the game.

In the previous version of the game, we had 3 slots on every cutie — hat, necklace, and bracelet slot. In new version we redesigned it and now it is — weapon, hat, body, bracelet & extra accessory.

Old 3 slots — hat, necklace and bracelet
New 5 slots — weapon, hat, body, bracelet and extra accessory

Moving from 5 item slots to 3 item slots has required changes in already existing items. Here’s the list of items that were affected by this update.

Ship wheel now is an accessory
Mighty Ethors hammer now is a weapon
Soccer Ball becomes a weapon
World Championship Cup 2018 becomes an accessory
Boxer Gloves are now considered as a weapon
Ninja Claws are now considered as a weapon

Reworked overall design of battle reports
It’s been a while since we updated battle reports. Releasing attribute and element system was a fitting time to refactor the current battle report system.

Added “10% markers” for users to be aware, when this mechanic is triggered. If both pets in battle reports have 10% markers on top, this means that they have matched with this mechanic (meaning that there can be fights outside of matchmaking range). It is possible that one of the pets will have the marker, but the other doesn’t — this means that the pet was ready to match with someone outside of his matchmaking range, but another pet appeared within the matchmaking range and matched with it instead.

Red flag — represents the “10% mechanic” which has triggered for particular pet

Added more information to battle reports — items worn by the pet and all stats in the current battle are shown on top of the battle reports. It is saved within the battle report, so when a user shares a report — it is going to have detailed information (report will stay the same no matter what items user has on the participating pet later on). Pet picture is still a live representation of the pets current state (so don’t expect it to always match the items that were shown in battle report).

All battle bonuses are now shown in adventure reports as well as items worn — hurray!

Improved location attack system to support newly added elements. Now locations can check if a pet is strong in a certain element and apply penalty or buff if cutie passes or fails. Bonuses are now shown with the respective icon (depending on which bonus is influenced). In the given example down below, you can see that both cuties had fire element -1 and both have failed the location check resulting in -1 power.

Extended location attacks now support elemental attacks & elemental checks

These debuff & bonus effects are further shown in the battle report as red colored numbers (for debuffs) and green colored numbers (for buffs). So it’s easier to track the status of numbers appearing in the battle report. Also, phase calculation is more detailed and easier to understand, as it represents all the bonuses that influence the end result (score).

Both pets have received debuff to their power, thus their power number is “red” as it is effected by a debuff

Reworked “luck” bonus and now it works whenever a dice is being rolled in the game no matter if it’s in defense phase, attack phase or location attack. Also added a possibility for user to be aware of when the “luck” was triggered. In battle reports “luck” icon appears next to battle calculations if luck has successfully triggered (the highest number after the re-roll stays).

Luck now is shown when it triggers

Same goes for evasion — if evasion is triggered by cuties “evasion” bonus, then an icon appears next to the evasion text. This will help users to calculate which bonus is more valuable in battle situations and which way to go.

Evasion now is shown when it triggers

Cutie who won in the given round is “crowned” winner of the round. This is a slight adjustment from the previous design.

Winner of the round is now “crowned”

UI improvements

Added filters to breeding pop-up & item pop-up
New functionality has been added to breeding pop-ups to make it easier to find the pet which is going to be the mother/father for the next cutie champion. Next thing — cutie search by name!?

Filters added to breeding pop-up

Battle reports now do not interrupt the play
Remember the times when you sent cuties to adventures and if they got matched straight away — you got a pop-up of battle report straight into your face? Those times are over! Instead of getting a huge pop-up opening up, players are going to receive a small notification like one in the screenshot below!

No more huge reports suddenly opening up — welcome the new notifications

Changes in lottery pop-up
Aware of the outcry in telegram, we made it so the lottery pop-up doesn’t disappear after participating in it. The little tiny button will still be there & available for users after they have successfully participated.

Changes in UI menus
Marketplace menu was getting crowded with all the different sub-menus, so we moved “Unique” cutie selling tab to a new “Special Sale” menu on top. “Special Sale” menu also includes “Custom Cutie” bidding.

Custom Cutie moved under “Special Sale”

Improved cutie page to include all new bonuses
With the introduction of elements, the cutie profile page needed an extension. Nobility, rarity, raid bonus, and all the elements were moved to a separate section right under all of the main bonuses.

Cutie profile page now shows bonus to raids and bonus to elements

Language drop-down visual style improved!
Changed flag style to a simpler look with rounded corners and added language texts. These are minor changes, but in total all these slight little changes make a big overall difference.

Language changer

Redesigned mobile menu UI
Take a look at these two gifs down below — the first one shows the old version of the mobile menu. The second one shows the new version of the mobile menu. The style is improved, and it should be a lot easier, quicker and more comfortable to use.

Old way of mobile menu layout
New mobile menu layout

Unique cutie “x cuties left” changes
It seemed weird for me as a player that in the unique cutie selling page it wasn’t easy to understand how many cuties are left for sale. It showed 10/10 and for me as a player — I thought, the hell? Is there still 10 cuties left? So switched this up to say “1 left” instead. It’s a small change, but I think it’s a lot clearer now.

Now its more clearer

Redesigned “all searchable attributes”
It was a mess, wasn’t it!? Now it’s all tidied up and grouped up by the attribute kind. A lot easier to browse and find a particular attribute in the search list.

All searchable attributes are now grouped up

Paw shop redesigned
Reworked the design for Paw Shop to make it correspond to overall Blockchain Cuties website style.

Paw shop got a redesign

Colorful cool-downs in UI
Back in office some of us use VeRychard’s colorful dark mod which also uses color palette for breeding and adventure cool-downs (it makes it more convenient to understand which cool-downs are good, which bad from the get go).

It’s time we implemented this feature in the original version of Blockchain Cuties as well and here it is! Now it’s a lot easier to see which cuties have good, which bad cool-downs!

Colorful cool-downs for pets

Title updated for PC/MAC users when playing the game from browsers
There’s a commonly known feature on many popular social & blog platforms. In the top corner where open pages “title” is shown, it also shows a number of new “notifications”. We added this little feature, so people who play from browsers and wander around the internet are able to see that there’s “new” notifications in Blockchain Cuties game.

A small feature, but still nice to have

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved the overall functionality of “admin” panel, in order to fast fix some issues for players;
  • Fixed an issue in “Unique” page when some uniques were missing translations. Also, this fix eliminated the issue with wrong translations being shown to players on rare occasions;
  • Fixed an issue with foxes ears. The seventh variation of ears was glitching out and was making funny glitches with ears going through the items;
Cool glitch with Fox-Ears
  • Removed shadow on floating cuties, like the wizard for example. Also, removed double shadow bug from Alien;
  • Fixed an issue when clicking on pet nr.2 in battle reports — it returned error 404;
  • Removed double “Blandford Fox” attribute from attribute list (thanks Chakra);
  • Added “Ethor” attribute in order to balance out -3 energy that comes with its attributes;
  • Switched defense icon for high definition one;
  • Fixed a rare issue of activity “bell” not showing up on some items;
  • Fixed an issue with cutie birth times not being shown accordingly;
  • Fixed leader-board issue for mobiles when overall cutie level wasn’t shown properly;
  • Most experience gained leader-board now shows total experience earned by all pets in total instead of one most experienced;

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