Blockchain Cuties — 1.34 patch notes

Hello Cutieners! Another week and another update for you to enjoy! Our team has worked day & night to bring another update so soon. It’s been only a week. This is something we are trying to push forward to — an update per week to keep developing and improving the product that we offer to our players.

This time we introduce unique cutie bidding, lots of new items, 2 new adventures, some UI changes, fixes across the board and preparation for raid boss battles. Excited?

As always more details about the patch are down below. It takes a great deal of time to write these detailed patch notes for you guys, and I (Joy) would much appreciate your support by clapping the hell out of this post down below.

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Overall Improvements

Added elements to adventures lvl 1–5
We value our community’s and player bases’s opinions on the game. In the previous update we implemented the element system in battles, but left adventures 1–5 without any elements added. We created a poll to find out our community’s thoughts about this change and the majority voted for implementing elements in the beginners adventures.

Of course, we would love to see more votes overall (as we have about ~100 DAU), but the most active members of our community made their decision.

Original poll:

14 aye’s and 2 nay’s — following changes have been made to adventures:
Snowy Mountain — added water element;
Magical Forest — added energy element;
The Desert — added fire element;
Ivory Tower — added air element;
Metropolis — added earth element;

Leave your comments down below — what do you think of the change?

“There should be more adventures available with different loot drop tables” — this is something that our players repeated over and over again, and we do share this feeling.

Added adventure for cuties level 7+
Adventure “Gates of Babylon” has been added to the game with two elements earth and air. Babylonia was once a place of great wealth and wonder. Now it’s reborn in Blockchain Cuties for our little friends to explore.

Gates of Babylon — level 7 adventure

Added adventure for cuties level 8+
Adventure “Blood moon forest” has been added to the game with two elements fire and water. It is a scary place for little cuties — so make sure to arm them up and get them ready to fight.

Blood moon forest — level 8 adventure

Added new items to the game
With every update, we try to bring new content for our players. Some of the items aren’t acquirable by players yet, but are already implemented in the game and will become available in the upcoming updates (raids incoming).

Here is the list of items added to the game. Gonna get them all! Go try them out!

Roman Toga
Tactical Vest
Fur Coat
Improvised Plate Armor
Blue Cape
Golden Cape
Red Cape
Ballistic Kevlar Helmet
Cowboys Hat
Aviator Goggles
GP-5 Gas mask
Banner of unchallenged might
Banner of unbreakable defence
Banner of swift evasion
Banner of fortune
Banner of greater treasure
Banner of the wise
King of Babylon Fan
King of Babylon Dress
King of Babylon Scepter
King of Babylon Bracelet
King of Babylon Crown
Pile of old spell-books
Money suitcase
Water Flask
Mr. Snowman
Mr. Teddy
Mr. Duck
Barbarian Pike
Barbarian Armor
Barbarian Greatsword
Barbarian Bracelet
Barbarian Helmet

Made changes to paw shop
The previous update brought a visual change to our paw shop, but this update brings two new items and some price changes.

Added King of Babylon Fan to paw shop;
Added Barbarian Pike to paw shop;
Added paw coin price for “Super Rare Rainbow Color Spray”;
Added paw coin price for “Wallpaper”;

King of Babylon & Barbarian set accessories are available in paw shop
Super Rare Rainbow Color Spray & Wallpaper have paw coin price added

Made changes to adventure drop tables
We started reworking some of the adventure’s loot drop tables and added new items to the first five. You can expect more tweaks soon!

Removed Aye, aye Captain! from The Snowy Mountain adventure;
Removed Aye, aye Captain! from Magical Forest adventure;
Removed Aye, aye Captain! from The Desert adventure;
Removed Aye, aye Captain! from Ivory Tower adventure;

Added Aye, aye Captain! to Metropolis adventure;
Added Aye, aye Captain! to Ghetto adventure;
Added Aye, aye Captain! to Gates of Babylon adventure;
Added Mr. Snowman to Snowy Mountain adventure;
Added Mr. Duck to Magical Forest adventure;
Added Water Flask to The Desert adventure;
Added Pile of old Spell Books to Ivory Tower adventure;
Added Mr. Teddy to Metropolis adventure;
Added Money Suitcase to Ghetto adventure;

Added support for several coin platforms
BitGuild was implemented into the game a few patches ago, and we are still awaiting the launch of the platform. Meanwhile, we introduced another platform called KICKICO with their coin — KICK coin.

KICKICO is an ecosystem, combining initiatives of entrepreneurs, investors and service-providers into a community that allows every participant to benefit. It is a community-based platform on blockchain, used to host fundraising campaigns, support, rate and discuss them, purchase their tokens via cryptocurrencies.
The platform is serving the interests of each and every user, giving authors an opportunity to communicate with their potential customers directly. Crucial feedback from the community will help them to find and fix their weak spots, meanwhile preparing their campaigns to be launched.
Investors, in their turn, are getting valuable information and various tools, drastically improving the token purchase decision-making process, spiced up with pleasant bonuses.
Every member can affect the fate of each individual project and the industry as a whole by expressing his opinion and voting for campaigns they find worthy.

This is actually great news, as this allows us to implement even more different kind of tokens & asset trades in our game.

In order to find out more about KICKICO — check out their web page.

Unique limited edition cutie bidding
For quite some time users have been laying their eyes on unique cuties that are truly one of a kind. We implemented a new feature where players can bid on collector’s edition cuties that are totally unique and one of a kind. First cutie available for players to bid on is this limited edition “1st Cutie Knight”! It is special indeed — as its the very first Blockchain Cutie ever.

The auction ends in 14 days, so make sure you don’t miss your chance to participate. It’s not only a collector’s edition, but it’s also stronger against raid bosses and has the initial power bonus of unique cuties.

Unique cutie bidding is up and running

Little UI tweaks
Paw coins are used almost every day. Players acquire them through the lottery, through achievements and recently — from participating in battles with level 10 cuties. It is important to always be aware of the balance of this in-game currency, so it was decided to put it on the main page in order for the player to have easy access to this information.

Added paw coin balance under players name

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue with disappearing attributes — there was a nasty bug of attributes sometimes not being returned by the server. This caused some battles between cuties where no elements were taken into consideration. The bug was caught and it’s now fixed;
  • Fixed an issue with cookies storing too many referral links;
  • Items now can’t be sold for 0 ETH in item market;

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