Blockchain Cuties — 1.41 patch notes

Hello, Cutieners! It’s me Joy and here are some patch notes for you to read!

It’s been two weeks since the last patch notes I wrote, and I am glad to be back. Happy to be back in the work grinder to push out more exciting new updates while also working on improving the overall game experience for you, cutieners.

Another series of patch notes means that there’s another update, right!? Totally! Halloween event is finally here for players to enjoy, coupled with many small tweaks here and there.

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Overall Improvements

Halloween event added to the game

It’s that time of the year when the spirits walk upon the earth and people start trick-or-treating. Everyone was asking if we are doing a Halloween event. So we’re here to deliver!

The Cryptic Witch that resides in the magical forests of Cutieland has found a way to open a portal to Spirit World. Some prerequisites have to be met though. Everyone in the cutie community has to participate because only together we can help her to do it!

The event will last for a month and is going to be split up into two parts.

Part one includes the pre-event. The community has to cooperate, because only together cuties have a chance to complete all of the tasks set by the Cryptic Witch. All this in order to unlock better rewards in the part II.

Adventure quests for Metropolis

Most quests are completed by participating in adventures, but some of them require dealing with raid bosses and breeding. Feel free to explore more under the Halloween tab in the header.

Some might wonder what these crazy numbers as goals for participation are!? 9000 thousand? 25 thousand?? 30 thousand!? Are you crazy? Truth be told, these numbers were calculated from our player statistics. I looked at the statistics and was pleasantly surprised that in the last two weeks there was a total of 130 000 adventures done! In due time I bet we can get to million adventures per week.

Two new Halloween limited edition unique cuties will be released. The Spectral Rider and The Grim Reaper.

Spectral Rider — the limited edition cutie

Part II includes rewards resulted from challenges in part I and creates a PVE adventure with no level limit. Players are going to fight against specially made sets of AI cuties, so every player’s cutie is going to find a challenge for itself. If the cutie wins — it has a chance to come back with a unique Halloween themed reward.

Part two also contains a special Bone Dragon raid boss which will drop Bone Dragon set items. Also cuties will be able to get dragon bones. Dragon bones can be used to acquire a special unique cutie the Bone Dragon.

Changes to paw shop (price adjustments made to CUTE)
Since the raid boss update, every player has a chance to receive CUTE coins as a reward for participating in the raid boss event.

Previously the balance of prices in the pawcoin shop was entirely out of order. So some adjusting had to be made, and it was the first thing I fixed when I returned back from my vacation.

Instead of 2000 CUTE coins per accessory now the prices vary from 400–600 CUTE coins depending on the rarity of the set.

Prices in pawcoin shop have been adjusted for accessories

Fixed an issue with level achievements
We got a report that there’s a slight problem with level up achievements when new users receiving a level 8 cutie would receive the achievements for level 1–8. That wasn’t the intention from the get-go — cutie has to earn every level to obtain the particular achievement.

Now cutie will receive achievements only for the levels it has achieved.

Samurai set moved to Gates of Babylon
After checking overall server statistics on adventures and analyzing the type of cuties that go on certain adventures a decision was made to move Samurai set to Gates of Babylon. It’s the second strongest set in-game and it felt appropriate to put it in higher adventures instead of Ivory Tower adventure.

This means that in Gates of Babylon there are two sets now available for farming — Samurai set and Babylonian set.

Samurai set added to Gates of Babylon

Set battle bonuses changed
It seemed a bit rushed to add 1 raid power bonus to all full sets, — this made some sets more valuable than others (like Toshi, Trust). After this update item sets give +1 raid bonus when 3 main set items are worn.

This is just the beggining of the work being done to bring back more value to items in raids & in adventures.

Bitcoin Man has finally landed from space
Next unique cutie has arrived to the game, and it’s non-other! It’s Bitcoin Man who joins the “Hero Squad” as being the second superhero in our pool of cuties! It also comes with a limited edition set that can be worn on other cuties as well.

Bitcoin Man is available under “special sale” tab and starts at 1.5 ETH!

BitcoinMan is finally here

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue with Khuzayma raid boss drop rate;
  • Fixed raid translation issues;
  • Polished websites performance by improving the image optimization (landing page and other pages received improved performance);


It might seem that update 1.41 is rather small compared to other updates our team has pushed in the past. You can be sure that there is more work being done. For example, some of our current priorities are:

  • improving the gameplay
  • improving the game’s balance
  • Improving the scale of the game
  • Opening up new ways for new people to join our very friendly community

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