Blockchain Cuties — 1.53 Patch Notes (EOS update)

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It’s time for another patch notes. And we have an update that has been greatly anticipated. EOS blockchain functionality in Blockchain Cuties has been expanded. Here are the patch notes for update 1.53!

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Overall Improvements

Added Scatter application to Blockchain Cuties

It’s no secret that most of our players are using Ethereum blockchain and prefer industry recognized Blockchain wallets like MetaMask. And in a nutshell, Scatter APP for EOS is as popular as MetaMask for Ethereum.

It takes great effort to implement a new wallet into the game. As market shows, users tend to use widely recognized and popular wallets instead of new solutions. Most EOS Blockchain users use Scatter wallet for daps. Therefore we felt that it was necessary for us to implement it in Blockchain Cuties.

Right now players can use both our built in wallet and Scatter App to play.

Private Key — stands for Blockchain Cuties standalone wallet solution. Scatter Client — for widely recognized EOS wallet solution.

Items which have Blockchain functionality now work on EOS

On 30th of October we launched EOS as a supported blockchain for Blockchain Cuties. It was still in BETA and some of the game functionality was limited to Ethereum only. Users weren’t able to use Elixir of Life, Youth Potion, Aristocracy Potion and other items that were connected to blockchain.

Now items are properly working on both blockchains — EOS and Ethereum. Thus making EOS users able to fully enjoy the game.

Items are now usable on EOS

It is now possible to export EOS private key when in-game wallet is used

Our built-in wallet solution works the same way as most wallets. When a user creates an account its private key is encrypted and stored locally on the device. No information is being sent to the server. Now it’s possible for users to export their private keys that were created for their EOS accounts on the Blockchain Cuties in-game wallet.

Private key is not stored on servers. When an in-game EOS account is created, the private key is stored locally on the device. Now it’s possible to export it, thus making it possible to re-import it into other wallet solution.

Extended functionality of in-game EOS wallet

Together with staking and unstaking CPU / NET for EOS account. It is now possible to buy and sell RAM. Also for easy access there’s a link added that transfers the user to a transaction page.

Blockchain Cuties — EOS wallet

One of our biggest aims is to create a game that is accessible to everyone in the crypto world. Thus it’s important that users are able to acquire crypto currency seamlessly. It’s now possible to buy EOS through built-in wallet using crypto currency exchange BESTRATE.

Buy EOS using BestRate

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