Blockchain Cuties — 1.54 Patch Notes (Christmas event)

Dear Cutieneers,

Halloween has passed and it will be remembered as a fun and rewarding event. It had it’s flaws, but overall Spirit World adventure and the new bot system was received well by the community.

Our veteran player Cynicallia leaves feedback on Discord

It’s time to move on and search for the new horizons! Spirit World has been closed, as the Witch of the Magical forest has successfully undone her spell and shut the gate to the Spirit realm. No more crazy spirits walking around Cutieland!

Christmas is right around the corner, and this Sunday most of the world celebrated day of 1st Advent. These patch notes are a few days late, as the first Christmas update was launched on 1st of December.

We were working hard to launch it on time as it was top-priority to create the advent calendar as a 24 day ongoing gift to you guys! Let’s jump straight into the patch notes and see, what has been changed in the update 1.54!

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Overall Improvements

New challenges for Christmas event

First time we implemented Challenges, they were well received by the player community. Halloween challenge went through like a blast and people coordinated their attacks to finish them up before the deadline.

Christmas comes with a new set of challenges for the players to complete. This will not be easy, so ready, set, go! Time is limited, so do as many as you can to restore the Christmas Spirit!

Restoring the Christmas Spirit!

There’s a little twist to Christmas challenges. For every participation user receives contribution points, that he/she can redeem for a reward under the “Christmas Contribution” tab (opens with the next update).

Players now are rewarded for active participation in the challenges.

Christmas advent calendar

In Europe it’s very popular to have a Christmas advent calendar. It’s a nice little treat for anyone participating. It’s a special calendar which counts the days in anticipation for Christmas.

Doubles as an exercise in self-control

In Europe children love to open calendar’s little doors to receive chocolate every day up until the Christmas eve. It felt only right that we add such mechanic to our game as well — and there’s also a small twist.

Opening doors will reward players with a small present + an image of in-game cutie.

Users opening doors slowly unfold the story on the image above the calendar in addition to receiving a small reward for their effort. On the picture, there will be cuties you know and love.

Will your cutie find it’s way into the Christmas image?

Advent calendar, where every day there’s a small present

Cutie cards updated

This is just the beginning of changing the overall look of the cutie cards. The card has to give all the necessary information for the user without the extra clicking. Now it’s possible to recognize what level the cutie is and what is its rarity kind (unique / tribute / normal).

Cutie level / rarity kind is now shown on cutie cards

What do you want to see in the cutie card? Please, leave a comment down bellow.

Preparations for hedgehog arrival

This week lot of work has been put into preparing everything for the hedgehog race’s arrival into the game. We plan that in week’s time the first ever hedgehog is going to appear in the game. Get ready. They look absolutely fantastic! We will do more teasing in the next cutie pawedcast tomorrow so make sure to be there.

Let’s restore Christmas spirit!

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue with Gryphon mythic cutie having the wrong price;
  • Fixed issue with mobile layout for Christmas event;
  • Fixed issue with users not being able to buy energy;
  • Fixed a rare issue on EOS chain.

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