Blockchain Cuties — 1.56 Patch Notes

Dear Cutieneers,

Wait… what!? Update 1.56? Where’s the update 1.55? Update 1.55 has been published for over a week now. 1.55 was a technical update that dealt with improvements to EOS functionality and website performance. There was no content added to the game, so it wasn’t mentioned here on Medium.

There’s always work being done in the background that goes unnoticed.

It’s great to see the overall progress in our Christmas events, slowly and surely cutieneers are getting through all of the challenges. Part two of the Christmas update is coming next week with a brand new adventure and a surprise raid boss.

Users have been wondering what’s the “contribution point” system all about? How does that work? It was planned as a feature for the first Christmas update, but we did not manage to push it through on time. But today it’s finally here!

Ouh boy… I am so excited to write these patch notes, there’s so much new cool stuff for you guys! Happy reading folks, the epic epic patch notes 1.56 for Blockchain Cuties!

Clap for respect! Please ^_^

Overall Improvements

Contribution point system

Contribution system was implemented in the first Christmas update. And all this time our players have been receiving contribution points for their active participation in Christmas challenges, but a lot of players have been wondering what do the contribution points actually do? How are they counted?

Mark on Telegram group chat

Lots of assumptions were made, but no one from the player base actually knew what it was made for. It was great to see you guys figure it out and it’s finally time to announce it!

Clayton on Telegram group chat
Cynicallia on Telegram group chat

Challenge system got expanded with contribution point & reward system. This means that users that actively participate in finishing the server-wide challenges are going to receive “x” amount of contribution points for every successful try. These points can then be used to claim contribution rewards (player unlocks contribution rewards when the score is higher than the required amount).

Example: Joy has actively participated in Christmas challenge and has accumulated 15030 contribution points. This means that Joy can claim 6 rewards (check screenshot down below). For active participation Joy receives x5 adventure potions, x5 grand adventure potions, x2 cloth hangers, x2000 paw coins and x10 cute coins. Joy can participate in the challenge even further, in order to open the next reward at 20000.

Contribution points / score is going to be reset with every new event that has challenges! This system is intended to reward players for their active participation in completing the challenges.

Contribution points are counted for every successful try (if a challenge is already completed, it still keeps counting contribution points, up until the end of the challenge).

Christmas contribution rewards

Removed eye color restrictions

Long time ago, when we first launched Blockchain Cuties, we had a set of rules set in place for cats, dogs and bears. Some eye/body color combinations were restricted for visual purposes. Users noticed “bugs” in the system when some pets having “Ruby” attribute were supposed to have red eyes, but instead had green. Thus users raised questions why is this happening?

Public vote was made and our community decided that these restrictions have to be lifted. From now on all newborn pets are going to have eye color according to their attribute. Unfortunately this is not retroactive, meaning that pets who have already been born won’t have their eye color changed.

Eye color restrictions have been removed

He…Hedg…Hedgehogs!!!! Are here!

Few months have passed since our last major addition to the cutie pool. Yes there have been a lot of custom cuties, unique cuties and tribute cuties found and created, but there were no new pet-kind added to the game. It was teased and hedgehogs were already shown to the people in live streams, but now.. they are finally in-game! Let me say.. they look absolutely awesome!

Konichiwa! Master!

What does this mean? It means that there’s a whole bunch of new attributes added to the game! It’s a whole new pet race to breed and unfold new secrets! Now.. the only problem is… when will the “Creator” generate the very 1st hedgehog ever born on Blockchain Cuties!? The first of its kind! Let’s hope it happens soon!

Hedgehog diversity

Ears are now visible through some hats

With one of our previous updates a small visual bug slipped through making cutie ears pop out through several hats. It was not intended, but our players received that with a great joy! Those cute little ears could be seen through the hat and in some cases it looked particularly good. Our lead artistDimitri had given it some thought and decided that some items are going to work this way. Thus making most of the ears pop through all the hoodies and arcane hat. Like the change? Leave a comment down below or in our official channels!

Ears now pop through hoodies!

Performance optimizations done

Our game was using SVG vector art to show our cuties to the player. SVG is a great format that can be animated, but it’s very performance heavy. Opening marketplace and searching for cuties could be tedious just because of the heavy size of images. Optimizations were made to show cutie’s PNG’s instead of SVG’s. This has greatly reduced CPU usage on many devices - particularly mobile devices which are used by majority of our players.

Users are still able to view their pets with animations in cuties page. Hope this will lead to less battery draining when playing Blockchain Cuties!

Tron Presale is up and running!

TRON presale has launched

Recently we posted news about integrating TRON blockchain. Making Tron the 3rd blockchain in the game among Ethereum and EOS. We are going to be the first blockchain game in the world which supports 3 blockchains! Tron release is scheduled for the end of this year.

Celebrating this event we have prepared a TRON cutie presale, where unique limited edition cuties can be acquired. These cuties won’t be available for sale after official launch of Tron support for Blockchain Cuties. Get them while they are still available!

Fairy Dragon — unique cutie available on Tron presale!
Red Hedgehog — unique cutie available on Tron presale!

Launched a new custom cutie

It’s been a while since the last announcement of new unique custom cutie. Our artists have been working hard on this and the custom cutie “Panda” is finally born. Please welcome this magnificent cutie to the game!

Panda Bear

There’s more custom cuties on the way and soon the dragon slayer for our player PhadeOut is also going to appear on the horizon.

If you are interested in getting one for your self, then under “Special Sale” tab press on the “Custom Cutie” tab and place your bid!

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed visual issue with “Special Sale” tab — when selected it did not give any visual feedback to the player;
  • Changed the visual look of language selection bar;
  • Fixed visual bugs & translation for Russian version of the game;
  • Moved cutie icon to the left side in leaderboards;
  • Fixed a visual issue when Witches Broom was visually bugged after equipping it together with red, gold or blue capes;
  • “Crafting” tab moved from “Christmas” tab to “My Cuties” tab.

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