Blockchain Cuties — 1.58 Patch Notes

Dear Cutieneers,

Crazy little thing called updates.. :D

Some of you might be wondering, what’s going on with patch note numbering!? Previously we skipped patch notes 1.55, as it was about technical changes, and now we skipped 1.57 to sync these patch notes with our internal development version. This means that from this point on the version of the game is going to be the same as the version of the server.

Second part of our Christmas event is finally here! Happy reading folks.

Patch notes 1.58 for Blockchain Cuties

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Overall Improvements

Christmas update part two

It seems that it has become a tradition for us to split our events in two parts. There’s always a pre-event for players to get ready and the main-event when players are sending thousands of their cuties to new adventures.

Christmas part two is going to last until 17th of January!

Second part of Christmas, similarly to our Halloween event, brings us two new events to participate in. A new raid boss has appeared and it’s the nasty Grynchy who is trying to steal the Christmas from us!

In his lair you can find all kinds of cool stuff! Grynchy has stolen Santa’s suit along with it Santa’s magical bag of gifts. It’s up to you to defeat Grynchy and claim your rewards!

Christmas raid boss Grynchy

Full Santa set is one of the most powerful in the game. It trumps a lot of other existing sets. It is also strong against raid bosses. You can get Santa set only by defeating Grynchy and opening “Christmas Magical Present” under the crafting section. Check it out for yourself!

Apart from Grynchy there is a new adventure called “The Christmas Adventure”. It tells a story of Grynchy stealing Christmas and nasty evil spirits possessing cute little reindeer's!

This adventure has it’s own separate event cooldown of 24 hours. Meaning that users are able to participate in Christmas adventure once in 24 hours per cutie. Overall it works as any other adventure in the game, thus it will increase the adventure cooldown, once the cutie has participated in it.

Christmas adventure

In Christmas Adventure players can also win a new type of set — Elf’s Set. This is the first set in the game which has several options for head slot and for accessory slot. No matter which one is worn — it will count as a set thus making this set 8 items in total. Here are the stats for these items!

Crafting has been expanded with new cuties and a Magical Christmas Present. Santa’s magical reindeers can now be acquired through crafting.

IMPORTANT: every user can only “craft” one of each 8 cuties. This means that when a user has claimed Randolph the reindeer, the user won’t be able to claim another Randolph even if he/she has enough presents in his inventory.

One of them is not available for crafting, but is going to be available later on elsewhere! Can you guess which one it is?

Christmas reindeer

Added new cutie to TRON presale along with cutie starter pack

TRON presale has been a blast so far! We are excited to launch TRON before the end of this year. Two new presale offers have been added to the game.

  1. Tron Monk has been added to presale. It’s a good defensive cutie having high initial defense with increased luck and evasion. It’s unique and noble! Plus it looks awesome, doesn’t it!?
Tron Monk from the TRON presale

2. Starter Pack has been added to the presale with a set of 6 random regular cuties. Nice thing to have for a jump start in the game when it launches. Right now it’s put up with 25% discount. Making it a rather good offer!

Starter Package for Tron users

Mobile UI improvements

As always there are minor tweaks done here and there. Our aim has always been to bring a top notch product for our users. We are constantly improving the UI, gameplay, usability and overall user experience. Here is the list of changes done to the mobile UI in this update.

List of fixes done to improve mobile UI

  • Added a button to the top of the screen that leads to “My Cuties” page;
  • Adjusted the position of button for signing the Terms of Use;
  • Added software wallet choices on “Log In” screen for mobile users;
  • Changed the way how “Save your private key” pop up looks when creating an Ethereum wallet through in-game wallet solution;
  • Redesigned the “Settings” page which is shown to user after entering the game for the first time through mobile;
  • Changed the color of achievement showcase place holders;
  • Redesigned TRON presale for mobile devices;
  • Address bar is now Blockchain Cuties purple

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue with Thug’s Life Tattoo not giving any set bonus to cuties;
  • Removed an issue with new user receiving a lottery popup straight after logging in for the first time into the game;

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