Blockchain Cuties — 1.64 Patch Notes & all new year patches

Happy new year cutieniers!

These are the first patch notes I write in 2019. These patch notes are going to contain all the updates we have done until now. Seems crazy that the last patch notes were written for version 1.58, there’s a lot of catching up to do.

It’s the year of the pig, and in Latvia we have a saying about it — “Lucky as a pig!”. I wish you all to be lucky, healthy, friendly and smart this year!

Enough of small talk, lets cut to the chase and take a deep dive into all the changes that have been done since update 1.58! Happy reading folks.

Let’s start 1.59 all the way up to 1.64!

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Patch notes 1.59

Refactoring server code

One of the main features that came with the update 1.59 is server code refactoring. There’s lot of changes being implemented by the server guys in order to improve stability of the server as well as its synchronisation with blockchains. It was also a part of our preparation for TRON launch.

With this update some admin features were implemented to better debug & efficiently help users with any issues they might face.

Patch notes 1.60

TRON launch

28th of December was a very big date for Blockchain Cuties and for the blockchain gaming world as a whole. Once again we crushed another big goal — to be the first game running on 3 blockchains at the same time. TRON joined the Blockchain Cuties family!

Unfortunately there were some hiccups with the launch and we had to put the server on maintenance for almost 8 hours. Last days up until New Year the team worked hard in order to make the game more stable. Unfortunately TRON item market was broken and users weren’t able to sell their items for TRX.

Important: users who have bought GEN0 starter packs are going to receive a compensation for the rough start of the TRON launch.

Experience gained in 2018 will definitely help our team to move forward at a better and more stable pace.

Patch notes 1.61

Merge account update

One of the most important features that was requested by our users was account merging. First iteration of account merging allowed users to attach their TRON/EOS accounts to ETH.

Attaching means that all cuties, items & achievements are merged together.

Warning: Achievement progress is not transferred (only ready & claimed achievements)

There were problems with merging when a user had a TRON account and had an ETH account which had a TRON address already attached to it. This led to blockchain account collision. Every game account can only have 1 address from each chain. Users are not allowed to remove blockchain accounts from their game accounts, for this they require admin help if such blockchain account “collision” occurs.

Patch notes 1.62

Several changes to server & bug fixes to mobile

Update 1.62 brought several changes across the board.

Team worked hard to improve logging and overall server performance. There were several new systems implemented in order to further debug & improve our server stability.

Fixed several issues with mobile layout, including a strange zoom issue on mobile devices that did not allow users to easily operate the page.

Made preparations on server to allow users to sell their items on both ETH and TRON blockchains.

  • Added ability to select blockchain when crafting a reward. Thus users are now able to redeem unique mythic reindeers on any of our 3 supported chains;
  • Added ability to select blockchain when receiving blockchain rewards from achievements;
  • Added ability to select blockchain when receiving blockchain reward from referral system;
  • Fixed an issue with adventure cooldowns not working properly. After a user sent a cutie to an adventure — it didn’t update the cooldown visually as server did not return the new value;
  • Fixed a visual bug with arctic bracelets not working properly on bears, there was a visual issue and it was fixed. Also restored missing “bonus” from Hazard Suit set;
  • Fixed a very old visual bug with “Thug’s Life Watch” and its coloring. It had weird colors, but now it’s colored as intended;
  • Fixed issue with account merging (when users tried to merge EOS into TRON and then try to attach ETH to these accounts — it gave out an error);
  • Improved overall user experience when merging accounts;

Patch notes 1.63

Overall Improvements

Added new raid boss & adventure to the game

Cutie world was struck with horrid events in which a whole city was destroyed. Read more about this story & lore in this Medium post done by Sol.

After these unforeseen events a new adventure has appeared for cuties to participate in. Level 9 adventure brings quite a few new items to the game.

This is a PVP adventure in which cuties can meet other cuties and fight over the military loot.

Wasteland — level 9 adventure

Here’s the list of new items that were added to the game in this update and items that were already introduced to the game, but were not acquirable by players in adventures. One new set that is acquirable from raids and a lot of other wearable items.

Together with all new items — previous set weapons have been moved to adventure drop that can be found in Weapon Boxes.

Powered armor helmet
Powered armor suit
Powered armor bracelet
Powered Armor Battery
Military Intelligence Bracelet
Black Metal Bracelet
Ninja Claws
Tactical Vest
Improvised Plate Armor
Ballistic Kevlar Helmet
Aviator Goggles
GP-5 Gas Mask

New raid boss “Alien Invader” has been added to the game. Black Dragon & Ether has has been removed from the game for “rework” and future updates.

GEN0 cutie pricing on creator has been redone

For a very long time account “Creator” was the one creating and selling cuties for a particular price that dropped to a minimum of 0.1 ETH for a normal non-noble cutie. Thus we kinda set in stone, that GEN0’s are supposed to go from 0.5 ETH to 0.1 ETH.

Starting from this update we introduced an algorithm that is going to calculate the price of new gen0’s being generated. It takes into account the gen0’s sold by creator and then sets a new price for the newly generated pet. Thus if there’s a high demand — the price for new cuties is going to increase, but the minimum price still stays 0.1 ETH as it was previously for a normal GEN0 pet. So the price won’t drop lower than previously set.

Algorithm takes into account pet-kind, nobility and rarity.

This can potentially raise the value of gen0’s if there’s an increased demand for them.

In-game wallet has been redesigned

Once in every few updates we improve the overall UI and UX of our game. These changes come from player feedback and overall industry standards. It’s always better to do less clicks and to make things more straightforward.

Opening to log-in popup
Blockchain selection on top
In-game ETH wallet after user has logged in
In-game TRON wallet after user has logged in

Added 8th event reindeer to crafting

Christmas update brought 8 new mythical reindeer's to the game, but only 7 of them were accessible using event collectible item “Christmas Presents”. Initially the 8th reindeer “Basher” was reserved for a special giveaway with one of our partners, but because of late response the giveaway has been cancelled, so we were free to put it out for users to grab as the final reindeer for 400 Christmas presents. Now everyone is able to complete their unique reindeer collection!

This Reindeer is strong at earth element, but weak at fire element.

Reindeer Basher

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed an issue with item wallpaper not applying pattern change for noble backgrounds;
  • Fixed an issue with users not receiving rewards for participating in raid boss battles with their level 10 cuties;
  • Fixed an issue with arctic bracelets being bugged when certain weapons are used;
  • Fixed stat issue with Santa set;
  • Now it is possible to participate in lottery with TRON network;
  • Fixed an issue with Bikers weapon & cuties paw glitching out;
  • Removed top banner from “Ready for adventure” page;

Patch notes 1.64 — current update

TRON item market is finally here! This was a feature that was intended to be pushed with the launch of TRON, but it needed more time in order to be more stable.

It’s done, it’s tested. Now users are able to choose a blockchain to sell their items on (on TRON or on ETH — EOS is not supported at the moment ).

Also added an extra filter for users to help find an item on particular blockchain.

Important: users are able to switch blockchain on to which sell the item only if they have their ETH and TRON addressed attached to in-game account.
User is able to choose which chain to use in order to sell the item

Also on market list users are going to be able to view the current pricing for all the items listed on the item market no matter the chain.

Now there’s items listed with both prices, in TRON & in ETH

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Removed Christmas event from the game;

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