Blockchain Cuties — 1.69 Patch Notes & all patches since 1.64v

Hi guys! Joy is here with all the information on Blockchain Cuties development.

It sure have been a busy the last few weeks and once again several patch notes were skipped. I haven’t had a day when I could just sit back and write some detailed patch notes for you guys, but today I felt that it’s time to put everything on paper. In these patch notes I will tell you about everything we did since update 1.64.

The new year has started with a lot of work on improving the overall team workflow, thus improving the quality of the game, the user experience and the quality of our updates overall (updates are going to get much smoother). One thing is certain — I need to find the time to write patch notes on time in the future.

In this Medium post you can to read patch notes for versions 1.65, 1.66, 1.67, 1.68, 1.69.

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Patch notes 1.65 — item batching

Added batch selling functionality

In patch 1.64 we introduced the cross chain item market (still missing EOS though), so that users can sell their items on both TRON and ETH chains. This lead to a possibility for users to experience the TRON world or vice-versa the ETH world, because users can now sell items for TRX, if their TRON account is attached to their player profile.

Next step was a long awaited feature — the batch sales. Users are now able to sell items in batches of up to 100 items. It’s a great step to a better item market functionality overall. In the future we are going to implement something similar to “package” sales, where users can choose a bunch of items and sell them as a package deal. For example, you will be able to sell full set of items.

Batch sales available for our players

Fixed issue with siring on TRON network

Siring had an issue with TRON energy being consumed way more than it was supposed to. This issue was successfully fixed and it works as intended.

Patch notes 1.66 — Chinese New Year

Added new race of pets to the game

Hope you all followed the story behind the appearance of hogs & pigs into our lovely game. Pigs were discovered as another race that came from far far away and joined the cutie world.

Pigs initial attribute is called “Sus” and there’s quite a few new powerful attributes added to the game for players to breed and search for.

rare attributes for pigs

There’s all kinds of great hogs out there to breed, they also initially come with 2% luck and 15% drop chance! Here’s a few examples of great looking hogs, and there are endless possibilities for our players to explore and breed their own unique hogs & pigs.

Randomly generated hogs

Added paw shop functionality to support several blockchains

Since we launched on TRON blockchain, users where requesting the full game’s functionality to be supported there. Item market was released on TRON and so with this update in-game shop called “Pawshop” joined the party and is now also working cross-chain. EOS, ETH and TRON are all now accepted currencies in Pawshop, along with CUTE coins and pawcoins.

This was the last stone to be put in the foundation of TRON support for Blockchain Cuties. Now it’s fully supported throughout the website. Next step is to bring EOS to full potential as well!

Crypto currency can be selected on top left corner of the paw shop

Added rewards for Chinese New Year

Here at Blockchain Cuties office we like to celebrate different occasions. Birthdays of the team members, team achievements and of course bigger holidays like Chinese New Year.

We wanted to celebrate this major event with our players, thus every active player received a traditional red envelope. This Red Envelope, upon opening, rewarded the player with 888 paw coins and 8 CUTE coins.

Traditional Red Envelope

Red Packet — it’s a red envelope Chinese give out in Chinese New Year to their friends, families and colleagues. These envelopes usually come with wishes of happiness and prosperity.

Added premium ticket functionality

In order to improve the overall user experience when buying a unique pet, we decided to add a new “premium” ticket item that can be bought and exchanged for a unique cutie. This allows players to redeem the pet on any blockchain, no matter which blockchain was used to buy the premium tickets.

Premium Ticket

Premium tickets are available for sale in Pawshop only during special events. There’s extended functionality planned for premium tickets so stay tuned.

Added Pig of Fortune to the game

Celebrating the Chinese New Year — it’s the year of the pig. Blockchain Cuties introduced a brand new unique cutie with a high loot drop percentage. It is said that this pig brings major luck and unbelievable fortune!

Golden Pig of Fortune

Patch notes 1.67 — Server monitoring

Added a new custom cutie to the game

The new custom cutie has joined the game and will roam the Blockchain Cuties universe. The proud owner is our player — Captain Zaibatsu.

Dante — hero personality?

Event retrying on TRON

There was a slight issue with TRON transactions being hanged and dropping errors to users. Which made it difficult to enjoy the game on TRON chain. This was fixed by improving the overall server system that reads the TRON events.

Also with this update we improved our server monitoring so the team would receive a notification if the server was acting up. This has greatly improved the overall user experience as we are now able to act swiftly upon such server errors or crashes.

Fixed visual issues with pigs

Some of the first breed pigs were looking not the way they were supposed to. Lot of little pig-vikings were born and that was not how it was intended initially. After asking the community a vote was made to implement slight changes to make the pigs look as they were initially intended to look.

Disclaimer: Blockchain Cuties team has nothing against vikings, bearded ladies and bearded viking ladies.

Patch notes 1.68 — valentines day event

Valentines day event is here

It’s that time of the year when flowers blossom, birds sing and lovers gather for a lovely eve. Valentines day, the day of all lovers, is celebrated all across the globe and cutie world is no different — cuties like to be in love, they like to breed and sire. But enough of this small talk.

Valentines day update brought “Contribution Rewards” and “Tribute Crafting” along with a very special new adventure with a new mechanic, that includes the possibility to level up the adventure. Let's look into the details of what this event has in store for our players.

Challenges — challenges have returned in a slightly different way. Previous events always included challenges that opened up certain rewards in the future adventure. This time the adventure is available from the get go, but challenges are there to grant participation points for users. Also it has some statistical data for users to know how many participants are there.

Challenges are here that grant contribution points for participation

Tribute Crafting — In the cutie world experiments are being performed every day. New cuties are being born and each of them is different. The race to find the rarest and most interesting tributes has never been so competitive. During Valentines day event every breed is counted as 1 point towards opening a Tribute’s genome. There’s in total 3 tributes that can be opened. And sharing the information you get — is totally up to you! These 3 tributes are rather rare ones and nobody so far has found them. May the breeding begin and bring you fortune! For every newborn cutie you receive 1 point.

Contribution rewards — active participation in adventure & breeding festival is rewarded by contribution points that open up certain rewards on the “Contribution Rewards” page. Users can receive potions, paw coins, CUTE coins and unique limited edition items like angel wings.

Top tier contribution rewards

Dynamic adventure — this update has introduced a new type of adventure that goes by the name of “dynamic adventure”. Dynamic adventures are adventures that are leveled up by player progress. If users successfully fulfill its requirements the adventure levels up, improving the overall experience received in the adventure, along with the available items in the drop list.

There are tons of ideas for awesome adventures in the future, so stay tuned.

Land of Upendo the new adventure for Valentines day event

Added custom cutie — The Unicorn

One of our veteran players ordered a fancy custom cutie, it looks like a beautiful unicorn. It’s now roaming the game together with all the other custom cuties.

Flying Unicorn

Updated the look of the very 1st TRON cutie

To keep the tradition going, we decided to make the very 1st cutie on TRON network a very special one. It was previously done on EOS and on ETH, thus it was time for a slight upgrade for TRON 1st cutie. Here it is!

Cutie Nr.1 on TRON

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Removed the possibility to sell Red Envelopes to other users (some users found a workaround and better protection was introduced);
  • Fixed a visual bug on the raid boss page;
  • Fixed an issue with achievement “Can I put it on my Honda?”;
  • Fixed issue with Christmas set not giving its proper bonuses;
  • Added Brave browser support for Blockchain Cuties website;
  • Fixed issue with Bear-O-Bull bonuses;

Patch notes 1.69 — it’s time for a new ERA

New landing page

As promised in one of the New Years streams — this year we are working to improve the overall user experience and the game itself. We will not only improve and implement new mechanics, but also update the game visually. The new landing page for Blockchain Cuties is now live for users to check out.

New landing page consists of several sections that point out the most important things about our game:

  • latest news on Blockchain Cuties;
  • showcases the press releases on different news mediums;
  • tells a story about Blockchain Cuties universe and it’s future plans;
  • showcases different pet kinds that users can acquire and breed;
  • showcases unique cuties available for sale;
  • our motivation and way of development;
  • introduces our self-built wallet solution;
  • transparent roadmap with public Trello board where you can follow the development;
  • showcase of our rewards and achievements;
  • the team behind the Blockchain Cuties (will be updated in the future with the rest of the team members & their public pages on LinkedIn and Twitter).

It’s sleek, it’s professional and it’s rather long. Make sure to check out the new information! Please drop a comment here on this Medium post or in Telegram about what you think about our new landing page.

Item set refactoring

Since the introduction of item sets we had a rather rough system that applied set bonuses only if particular items were worn by a cutie. Our community spoke out about it, that it should have similar systems to other games, where any parts worn from the same set apply the bonus of 3/4/5 items. It was registered as a task to be done in the future back then, and finally it’s here! Item sets have been refactored.

Now users can wear any 3 parts of a particular set and receive the bonus for wearing 3 items. In the future this could lead to potential combination of sets were users would be able to wear 2 parts from one set and receive a particular bonus and 3 from another.

There’s more changes coming in the future. Is this something you were waiting for? Leave a comment in Telegram, Discord or here on Medium.

Token support & abyss tokens

This update has introduced Abyss and BNB tokens to the game. Users now have two choices — they can enable selling for tokens or disable it.

In case the token sale is enabled:
- user sells the cutie for CUTE coin or any other coin supported by the game;
- any other user can buy the cutie for any supported crypto currency and token;

In case the token sale is disabled:
- any other user can buy the cutie for any supported crypto currency;
- any other user can buy the cutie for KyberNetwork tokens like BNB & Abyss, but the seller is going to receive ETH/EOS/TRON for the sale.

KICK token was removed from the supported tokens due to low demand on the market.

Users now have more options available when placing a cutie for sale and when buying a new cutie. More options is good right? In the future we plan to allow users to select tokens that they want to sell for.

Users are now able to buy cuties for Abyss & Binance BNB coins

IMPORTANT: GEN0 Youth potion removal

On 7th of February there was a Dev Diary stream on on which I announced that GEN0 potions are about to be removed from the game.

Official date when GEN0 potions (Youth potions) are removed from adventures — 7th of March.

There’s alternative planned to GEN0 potion. Also GEN0 potions won’t be removed from the game completely and will still be available in our special events.

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