Blockchain Cuties’ Annual Industry Leaders Awards 2018

We are still in the early years of crypto and it can be a cold and cutthroat industry to be in. There are no regulations and total anonymity. Basically it’s the Wild West in all its beauty. This is why it’s important for the good guys to stick together to lead by example and push the envelope.

This is why today, on Blockchain Cuties 1st anniversary, we established Annual Industry Leaders Awards. Every year after Christmas we will be celebrating the most prominent figures in the industry.

You might wonder what will the Crypto Oscars look like. And the answer is that they will be as unique and special as the laureates themselves. We have created a series of custom cuties to celebrate the pioneers of crypto of 2018.

The jury’s decision is in!

Please welcome Blockchain Cuties’ Annual Industry Leaders Awards laureates:

CryptoHulk (Max Hatchwell)

Founder of Crypto Gamers Community

Max has founded the most engaged dapp gaming community out there. He helped many cryptogames to get traction and provided them not only with the much-needed visibility, but also connections, advice and community support. He has been always helping the market to grow and evolve.

Rudy Koch

Founder of Crypto Bit Games | Head of Blockchain at Mythical Games

Rudy is a game industry veteran with huge experience of working at Activision Blizzard. He was among the first gamedev professionals to see the potential of blockchain technology in mainstream games. He founded Crypto Bit Games — one the first cryptogaming media that offered professionally written content. Because of his background and devotion to the cause, cryptogame market started to be taken more seriously and other game industry professionals decided to jump in. Now Rudy is working on his own blockchain game at Mythical Games.

Skirmantas Januškas

Founder of DappRaddar

Skirmantas has created what quickly became the world’s most popular dApp tracker — DappRadar. He gathered application data from blockchain and presented it in readable, easy to comprehend format. He offered developers and players the ability to see how each dapp is performing and what is the current growth rate and dapp’s historical data. What started out as Ethereum only tracking tool, is now considered an industry standard. DappRadar tracks not only ETH, but EOS and TRON as well. Skirmantas is making the market more transparent.

Eugene Lavrinenko

Founder Crypto Games Conference

Eugene has organized the first ever business conference in the world dedicated to cryptogames. He played a crucial role in uniting the regular game developer, cryptogame developer and blockchain developer communities by organizing events where professionals could meet and share market insights and analytics, as well as try to overcome global problems together. Eugene helps the industry to mature and become more business oriented.

Benny Giang

Founding Team Member, Fortune Cat at CryptoKitties

Benny, a Founding Team Member of CryptoKitties, played a colossal role in the creation and evolution of cryptogames market. He is the person who spent the entire year speaking at various conferences and organizing meet-ups aimed to popularise crypto games. Benny tirelessly works to bring mass adoption to cryptogames and, partly because of his actions, the whole market as we know it exists today.

Justin Sun

Founder of TRON

Justin Sun is the founder of TRON and Callme (PEIWO) APP. TRON is the world top 10 crypto network and web 4.0 blockchain dapp platform. Justin was named 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 Asia and Forbes 30 under 30 China from 2015 to 2017. He is the only millennial who graduated from Hupan University.

This has been a big year for crypto. And we hope that the industry will keep moving forward and we will change the world together.

Much has been achieved and it is time to celebrate!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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