Blockchain Cuties — Black Friday and 1.52 Patch Notes

Dear Cutieneers,
Happy Thanksgiving ladies & gentlemen! It’s celebration time and it’s also time for another small update. This update consists of small fixes to various problems in the game. Most of them found by you — our players. These patch notes contain all the changes that happened along the way between 1.51 and 1.52 updates.

Black Friday at Blockchain Cuties? That’s a thing!

In the modern world all across the globe people know what Black Friday is — so we participate in this endeavour as well.

Clap to make Joy happy ^^_

Overall Improvements

Spirit World adventure NPC adjustment

After getting the data from Spirit World adventures, it was obvious that Spirit World overall is too “difficult” for an event adventure. I took some time to recalculate the overall balance and made the event easier by 30–40%. Meaning that the overall win-rate of 10% should increase so that most users can get some loot out of this event.

This made me think about new kind of PVE adventures for you guys to participate in. Imagine fighting through a Mortal Kombat “challenge tower”, where every level of the tower has a different NPC enemy. After you pass a level you advance further — the aim is to get that great reward that awaits the player when he/she completes the challenge.

Overall the Spirit World update has brought a change — making items matter more in the overall fights. This is one of key elements that I find necessary to rethink. Making gear a necessity for winning raids, PVE adventures and other fun activities.

What do you think? Leave a comment down below.

Added separate cooldown for Spirit World adventure

Playing the game myself — I understood that it’s very tedious when you have to “freeze” the game for 2 hours, because cutie is on an PVE adventure. It locks you from being able to breed, sell or do other things with your cuties.

An “event cooldown” system was added to the game. Similarly to football championship event — we added a separate cooldown that works independently of the regular adventure cooldown. Thus allowing a user to participate in Spirit World maximum once per 2 hours(2 hours is a game balance decision). Spirit World cooldown like any other adventure, is still dependent on adventure cooldown.

Spirit World event cooldown is shown separately

Obviously we can’t do that for all the PVP adventures, as matchmaking takes time & the time for adventure is needed for users to find an opponent. Maybe in the future it will require some tweaks as well, but for now — instant matching with an foe will only work for PVE adventures.

Black Friday in Blockchain Cuties

It’s Black Friday all across the globe and Blockchain Cuties is no exception. There’s special offers available for users in Paw Shop:

  • Pack of 25 adventure potions;
  • Pack of 50 adventure potions;
  • Pack of 10 elixirs of life;
  • Pack of 20 elixirs of life;
  • Pack of 25 energy drinks;
  • Pack of 50 energy drinks;
Black Friday deals are going to end on 26th of November, so grab those potions and energy drinks while they are available!.
Black Friday sale deals in paw shop

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a problem with Windy Hills not returning battle reports;
  • Fixed a rather rare bug in battle logic, which made attacker lose round phases when both users had thrown dices of “20” at the same time. Both players are supposed to receive a point in such case;
  • Fixed a visual bug with pumpkin helmet;
  • Fixed an issue with wrong translations being shown for some achievements;
  • Fixed issue with Halloween item stats & their translations;
  • Fixed an visual issue with Lizards and Halloween hats;
  • Adjusted paw coin rewards for level 10 cuties that participate in Spirit World adventure. Now user receives guaranteed 5–10 paw coins per win with a level 10 cutie;
  • Added small tooltip to raid bosses, when user hovers over weakness and strength icons.


There are two big updates coming soon. Every day we are working hard to improve our game and we are definitely not going to stop the development machine going forward!

First big update is connected with overall server performance improvements and extending EOS functionality.

Second — ending Halloween update and starting a new Christmas themed event.

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