Blockchain Cuties — EOS Launch and 1.50 Patch Notes

Going to the Moon!

Dear Cutieneers,

Blockchain Cuties team proudly presents you the EOS Blockchain support in your favorite game! 
It’s the thing we’ve been working on day and night for more than two months, the thing that will once again lead the revolution in cryptogames market and make Blockchain Cuties a #1 cryptogame. There were no teasers, no hints, it was said in the streams that we are working on something BIG, but we couldn’t share the details. And now — it’s finally here!

We are ready to hit the blockchain world by storm and receive an achievement for that:

So, Blockchain Cuties is the first game to officially support two blockchains simultaneously — Ethereum and EOS. Starting from 30th of October, EOS blockchain users can now jump into the world of Cuties and play the game together with Ethereum players.

Blockchain Cuties now supports EOS and Ethereum

What does it actually mean and how is it going to work!? What changes does it bring to Ethereum players? Answers to these questions can can be found down below. But first — clap of respect! Thanks!

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Overall Improvements

In-game wallet functionality expanded

In-game wallet functionality has been expanded in order to allow EOS users to play the game.

It is now possible to log-in with Ethereum private key or with EOS account. Importing an EOS account works the same way as Ethereum — just import your private key (it is stored locally on your device).

EOS switch added to in-game wallet

Players who are playing Blockchain Cuties with their Ethereum account can now also attach their EOS accounts to the same game account using “Attach EOS” function under player tab.

Attach EOS account

Players have the ability of attaching their existing accounts to their Ethereum game account — this will allow them to play the game on two blockchains at the same time.

At the moment it is not possible to attach Ethereum account to an EOS account (meaning that if a new user creates an EOS account as it’s main account and wishes to connect it’s Ethereum account later — it’s won’t be possible at the moment). It’s better for users to use Ethereum account as main one and attach their EOS accounts.

Although if a user doesn’t have an EOS account, then it is possible to acquire one using Blockchain Cuties built in service for creating EOS accounts.

An account is a human-readable name that is stored on the blockchain. It can be owned by an individual or group of individuals depending on permissions configuration. An account is required to transfer or otherwise push a transaction to the blockchain. — EOSIO Documentation

In order to create an account on EOS a user is required to ask someone already on the EOS blockchain to create one. That’s why Blockchain Cuties is going to provide such service for their users.

Attach EOS account popup

When EOS wallet is successfully attached, user can “stake” their accounts with more CPU / NET / RAM capability in order to successfully play the game (the amount staked can always be “unstaked” at any time in order to re-acquire your funds).

Also users are able to send EOS to other EOS wallets.

For new users it’s good to research how EOS blockchain works in order to understand the specifics.

EOS wallet statistics (CPU / NET / RAM)

Functionality that works on EOS

Right now Blockchain Cuties EOS support is at BETA stage. Some in-game functions are not still available for EOS players. Main mechanics except for blockchain related items.

Mechanics working:

  • breeding;
  • siring;
  • buying;
  • selling;
  • all off chain related mechanics (item equipping, adventures, raid bosses).

Mechanics not working in the current release:

  • blockchain item usability (aristocracy potions, life elixirs, youth potions);

When browsing the market — users are able to see cuties on both Blockchains. Blockchain affiliation is shown in bottom left corner with a logo of the chain.

Cuties in market now have a symbol on the lower left corner showing the blockchain they are on

What to await in the next updates?

Within the next two weeks we plan to release:

  • ETH<>EOS Custody — a mechanic that will allow players to move their Cuties from one blockchain to another;
  • Improved in-game wallet functionalities;
  • Improved in-game wallet UX;
  • Ability to use blockchain affecting items (like life elixirs) on EOS based Cuties;
  • Unique to EOS Cuties.

Why is it great!?

Imagine what possibilities it opens up for our game in the future. Blockchain wide wars — Ethereum vs EOS Cuties. In regular games this is achieved by creating server vs server wars, but here in our game — it will be possible to make collision of two blockchains to find out which one is the strongest in the Cutieland. Common adventure battles, common raid bosses, common clan vs clan future battles. Fight it off and prove which chain is the strongest!

At the moment there are only two blockchains attached to Blockchain Cuties — but in the future there could be more! Tron? Cardano? NEO? Who knows…

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