Blockchain Cuties Featured on Wombat EOS Wallet

Our team continues to work to promote the game on all of the four blockchains. EOS is the smallest blockchain in the game, but we still make an effort to provide our players with the most enjoyable gaming experience and to put Blockchain Cuties in front of as many people as possible.

This is why we are super happy to get featured in Wombat EOS Wallet.

About Wombat EOS Wallet

Wombat is a free and easy to use blockchain wallet.

What we love about it, is that you can create a EOS account in seconds for free.

Other Wombat wallet features are:

  • Free and automatic resource staking
  • Easy EOS purchase with credit card
  • Secure key storage and recovery

Wombat is a wallet designed for blockchain gaming. It’s fast, smooth, and intuitive.

You can check it out here:

Blockchain Cuties on Wombat

It’s not hard to spot the cutest collection game on Wombat. We are on top of the Browse section.

It takes about a minute to set up an account.

To start playing, choose EOS blockchain, and then the Wombat wallet.

Get a test Cutie.

Get all the freebies and start adventuring.

Get your first real Cutie, do some breeding, enter the game’s market.

And boom! You’re a part of the Cutieneer community.

Make sure to check out Wombat wallet to access EOS side of Blockchain Cuties on mobile!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

Click here to start playing!

Check out the latest news in our publication and make sure you follow us on our social profiles like:

and here — on Ⓜ️ Medium for more updates.




Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

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Blockchain Cuties Universe

Blockchain Cuties Universe

First Multi-Blockchain Collectible Game With Adventures. We’re on ETH, TRON, NEO, Polygon and EOS . ⇨

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