Blockchain Cuties + LOCGame = Cross-Platform Awesomeness

We’re super excited to announce our partnership with Legends of Crypto (LOCGame)— a new super stylish DeFi x NFT game in the works.

We love collabing with cryptogaming projects and bringing amazing things to our and their communities.

Our collab with LOCGame is all about interplayability.

Soon you will be able to use some of your assets in both games.

These in-game assets will have double the utility and double the value since you can leverage them in both ecosystems.

Blockchain Cuties Universe and LOCG are based on the same values of making blockchain gaming mainstream and bringing play-to-earn opportunities worldwide. We also both love to be inspired by pop-culture, especially memes.

With this collab we bring value to both our communities and blockchain gaming industry as a whole. We believe that interplayability is the future of gaming assets and play-to-earn concept.

Interplayable assets will allow their owners to both access and earn from various gaming universes making them a super-valuable investment.

Where do I start?

The first step in our collab is the first-ever cross-platform Cutie.

He is stylish, smart, and based on a special edition of LOCG’s very rare Crypto KOL card (it’s going to be a new unique asset).

Please welcome Crypto KOL Cutie!

Looking good, right? Then let me tell you something.

How do I get my Crypto KOL Rabbit?

Crypto KOL Cutie can become yours as soon as we line everything up together with LOC Game! Detailed instructions will be available later, but general line will be as follows:

  1. Be a member of both BCU and LOCG communities, looking for the news
  2. Welcome the launch of LOCG’s special edition Crypto KOL card
  3. Get this card into your fold
  4. Receive a promocode from BCU
  5. Claim your Crypto KOL Cutie on any of our blockchains!

Stay tuned for the launch!

Good luck, Cutieneers!

Legends of Crypto Platform Links

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

Click here to start playing!

Check out the latest news in our publication and make sure you follow us on our social profiles like:

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Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

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