Blockchain Cuties — Major Update 1.20 patch notes

Hello Cutieners! Last couple of months we have worked hard in order to bring our game to many more people! We aimed to eliminate the limitations that other crypto-games have and to make it a lot easier for people to get into our game. Secret project was under-works since the launch of Blockchain Cuties and this secret project was our own wallet! Today we are proud to announce that our wallet is out in the wild and now you do not require any extensions to your browsers or other solutions as we offer our very own solution — cuties wallet.

These are the patch notes for major update 1.20! As always there’s several fixes across the board, so just sink in into the patch notes and have a nice read!
See ya in the adventures!

Overall Improvements

Wallet solution is live!
As stated before — we have launched our own wallet. Our wallet allows you to play Blockchain Cuties on every modern browser there is.

Log in now offers people to choose between our own wallet & MetaMask

Our wallet is still in its infancy and supports only private key operations (you can create a new account or import your existing one via private key feature), but it will be updated frequently and new features such as mnemonic phrase recovery, multiple accounts, etc will be added soon.

Lacking funds? — top up your ETH balance through our partners BestRate

What’s important is that together with our partners — Best Rate, you can replenish your wallet not using only Ether, but also a lot of other crypto-currencies, tokens and even fiat (though it requires a KYC process). We’re the first blockchain game to release such feature.

My Wallet can be accessed through “My Profile” page

We’ve tested it for a few weeks, but our team has very few testers to do it properly, so we ask our community for help.

Making transactions is easy — it opens up an extra popup, no need to open

Please report all found bugs, issues and glitches in private messages to @blockchaincuties, @JoyPlays or @Tehnfy on Telegram, or leave those as suggestions in #community-suggestions channel in our Discord server.

Top 3 players who’ve reported most bugs or most valuable bugs will receive a unique iFind Beta Tester Cutie.

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with new battle system, when evasion translations and critical translations were not showing up properly and instead showed translation “key”;
  • Fixed an issue with portugal football jersey not showing up on cuties;
  • Fancy pets renamed to “Tribute” pets;
  • Evasion and drop chance icons were cut off in the UI, fixed it;
  • Football event was missing description in leader boards — fixed.

Teasers (future is colorful)

Raidboss art — something big is coming!
All-mighty Ethor! Bringing his divine powers to Blockchain Cuties — soon!
Achievements are right around the corner! Sharpen your swords and get ready to get those rewards!

Make sure you follow us on our social profiles like Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Discord and here — on Medium for more updates. Keep rocking, keep playing and see ya on the Blockchain Cuties!