Blockchain Cuties — New Crypto Collectible Game Launches Beta

Can’t choose between Kitties and Puppies? Blockchain Cuties is the new adventure crypto game where you get them all to breed, battle and trade! This Monday, March 5, we welcome you to become one of our first players and join our beta!

In order to receive invitation to beta please leave your email address in the comment section below.

We’ve mixed everything you like about collectible breeding games with some neat features to create the cutest crypto game yet (and hopefully ever).

Key Features:

  • Each cutie is 100% unique and owned by you
  • Dominant and recessive genes make each descendant cutie one of a kind
  • Cuties have different parameters: generation, breeding speed, adventuring frequency, level and gear
  • Surprising breeding results create unique characters that are inspired by real-world pets-celebrities!
  • Lots of cuties: kitties, puppies, bear cubs and more to come!

PvP Adventure Mode:

  • Roll-the-dice battles
  • Winners gain experience and different items, from potions to battle gear!
  • Wearable items customises cutie’s appearance
  • Some artifacts interferes with the genes to give its owner superpowers
  • Winning a Nobility Potion starts a whole new high-born pedigree!
  • Different adventure locations affect the outcome of battles

We plan to introduce new cuties, leaderboards and much more in the weeks to come! With your help we’ll create the best crypto gaming experience ever and build a strong community together, so we are looking forward to your feedback, whether it’s good or bad.

Sign up for the Blockchain Cuties beta now in the comment section below!