Blockchain Cuties’ Power Couple

Very few creatures in Cutieland believe in soulmates. Mainly because everyone gets along with one another and relationships are easy. Not once in a cute-ilion years one cutie was incompatible with another. Excluding parents and siblings, that is.

Imagine what chaos would ensue if you had a cutie that can breed only with one other cutie in the game. And you wouldn’t know which one.

Thankfully Blockchain Cuties couples are not like that. Every cutie is compatible with thousands of others and breeding possibilities are endless.

But some cutie couples do better together than others. Meaning they give birth to tribute cuties.

Tribute cuties are unique looking pets hidden in the game. Only a specific combination of genes can get you one in the process of breeding. You can view all the tribute cuties discovered in the game here.

The typical situation, in this case, is breeding that couple over and over to replicate a tribute cutie they once produced. And sometimes it works out and they give birth to the initial tribute’s twin.

But never in Blockchain Cuties’ history, we had a situation when a cutie couple would produce several DIFFERENT tribute cuties.

We are talking about IronCat’s relationship with Cooper the photographer cat. This couple came together with the help of Light Dragon Food dating agency.

IronCat and Cooper by Light. True love?

It all started in the craziness of the Valentine’s day event and is super romantic. Those two managed to produce all the following tributes:

This is the first time we see something like this happen. And we can’t wait to see how much more awesome children those two will have.

Yet another time Light Dragon Food dating agency can celebrate amazing success!

Is this true cutie love or just a clever genome game? Let us know what you think in the comments!


Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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