Blockchain Cuties Wiki Is Open For Contributions

When we say that we have the best community we really mean it. We’re not sure that in any other place people support new players as much as they do here. There are fabulous people in our community who answer newcomer’s questions, give great advice and help people make an informed decision.

❤ Love ya guys and gals! ❤

Seeing all this awesomeness in our Telegram chat, we realized that this knowledge deserves to be somewhere more permanent, so people don’t have to retype it all over again.

Therefore we opened our wiki for edits and contributions.

You can access Blockchain Cuties wiki here:

To contribute you will need to create an account by clicking here:

Top right corner

Careful! The registration form has a trick question. Only 5% of people can answer this:

After you have registered feel free to edit any existing article we have.

As well as to add your own. Just type in the address bar whatever you think we are missing.

All the information about adding, editing and formatting can be found here.

Cutieneers, we would love to see you contribute your knowledge to our wiki. And we will have something special for the most active authors.
Blockchain Cuties team will be moderating the new posts and edits to ensure the best quality content.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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