Brand New Addition The Hero Squad

You have probably heard about Blockchain Cuties Hero Squad. It is a team of unique cuties of great power and dashing looks.

Unique Cuties are sold in limited quantities by Creator on a special sale’s page. Each has special game bonuses and a unique appearance. Some are sold with unique and powerful item sets.

So far the team consists of Bitcoincat and Ethor. Both do a great job adventuring and raiding the bosses.

The golden HeroSqual attribute certainly helps them in their pursuits of justice, loot, and glory.

Now when Cutieland is facing an alien threat we need new heroes more than ever.

Especially it would be cool if someone could help to defeat the Iron Champion.

Eggbert is still choosing an egg to inhabit, so there is a huge problem. Because the wastelands seem to slowly expand on the previously green and sunny parts of Cutieland. Even though cuties put up a great fight the newcomers are still roaming our lands.

They say that it is always darkest before dawn. When other heroes have already tried their luck with eradicating the threat it is time for some timely lifesaving cameo.

Please Welcome Captain Ripple!

A handsome hero fox with all the right values, questionable friends and awesome battle moves.

This unique cutie is inspired by the classic superhero — Captain America.

Captain Ripple is the fox of the people so you can get him on any of our three blockchains.

Just imagine the entire Hero Squad joining forces against the enemies of Cutieland!

You might think Captain Ripple and Bitcoincat will have a bone to pick with each other, and we predict that there will be some great bro fights. But what’s super exciting is that there will likely be several super babies born from the couple.

We can’t wait to see the complete Hero Squad in action!
Only a limited quantity of these foxes will be available. And once they’re gone no more will be made.

Captain Ripple will be available soon on this page:

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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