Breeding With A Chance Of Surprise

The population of Cutieland is still growing.

Since the last month we have been joined by roughly 10 thousand cuties. It is one of the biggest population jumps to date.

To give you some context we celebrated our first 10 thousand cuties this August. It took us four months to get from a handful of cuties to that beautiful number. And we celebrated it with a very special cutie, that was hiding at number 10000.

Sandor by Bofur

Now we got ten thousand more cuties in just one month. Which is huge. Cutieland is growing at enormous speed.

Currently, the population of Cutieland has almost reached 47 thousand cuties.

This is why we want to make a special announcement. As ETH is our most populated side of the game,

The ETH cutie 50 000 will be a special one

Let the race begin!

We can’t wait to see the lucky cutieneer who manages to snatch the very special hidden friend.

Good luck to you all!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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