Can I Recycle My Cuties?

Ever since our collaboration with CryptoBots our community was asking about cutie recycling. And it was not an easy question to tackle.

If recycling/crafting becomes a game feature, I am ready. — Cynicallia the Mother of Gators

There are almost 100 thousand cuties in the game. And some of the players have enormous armies that hold thousands of cuties. It would totally make sense to try and implement some kind of recycling process so that you can have the strongest warriors.

But how? Just imagine. You bring three pomeranians to a wizard and ask her to make you really fat corgi out of them.

Not a good look.

But so is holding cuties you don’t really want.

As the cutieneer pleasers we are, we can’t say no to our community. So we needed to invent something.

And we came to the resolution that some cuties will have to grow up and leave their owners for the greater good of their family.

After the Lands Update cuties will have a lot of new occupations. And some of those occupations will require them to leave home. For example, to get resources from a mine, you will need to send out a group of cuties to do that. Even though those cuties will no longer be yours to sell, breed or send on adventures, they will still get some resources back home.

Therefore instead of recycling, we will have your cuties become independent adults that work hard to support their families.

There will be several strategic choices you will have to make in order to place your cutie on the best possible career path. Special bonuses will depend on the type of cutie you sent for a particular job.

Only players who own lands will be able to use their cuties in this way.

Cutieneers, what do you think about our idea of cutie maturity? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. We have an even more awesome idea for game items you have, but don’t need. Stay tuned to find out what will happen.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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