Crypto Auction of The Future

We are very proud to announce our collaboration with Auctionity.

Auctionity is the world’s largest blockchain auction house for cryptocollectibles.

Why is this interesting?

We love to collaborate and present new and exciting blockchain projects for our community.

Auctionity is perfect for those who love cryptocollectibles and auctions.

There are several fun things you can do on the platform:

  • Sell your collectibles (support for cutie sales coming soon)
  • Bid on collectibles in the Sales Room
  • Become an auctioneer and give the community your best live performance
  • Become an ambassador and spread the love

For the last two activities, you will be rewarded with DomRaider Tokens.

The DomRaider Token was created following DomRaider’s ICO back in September 2017. The DRT is a digital asset meant to enhance auction processes around the world, making them easier, safer and faster. — Auctionity Official Website

Is there something special coming for Blockchain Cuties?

Yes! We are currently involved in a special auction. And we are very happy about the destination of the proceeds.

We have created a very special cutie just for this.

All of the revenue from its auction will go to TeenGuru. This organisation helps teens from Belarus to get an education they need to succeed in the tech industry and potentially found their own startups.

TeenGuru is a business and tech school founded by Imaguru Startup HUB from Minsk, Belarus. It is an educational online platform offering programs on entrepreneurship and innovation technologies for kids and teens. Objective of TeenGuru is to provide kids and teens with a chance to start their own project, acquire entrepreneurial skills and learn about new technologies (such as blockchain).

We are super excited about the upcoming event! Check out Blockchain Ctuies special auction here:

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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