Custom Cutie Cloned?

Our community knows and loves custom cuties.

Custom cuties are made individually for a player, based on their ideas on what a cutie might be. Have you always wanted a cross between Sailor Moon and Batman in a form of a hedgehog? Or a King Kong with angel wings holding a huge burger? In any case, our artist has you covered.
You can get one for yourself here.

Custom cuties represent a super elite class of cuties. They are dreams and fantasies personified.

Baby Gator by Cynicallia

As a part of our collab with TRON, we made a custom cutie for TRON’s CEO Justin Sun. It turned out accurate and awesome in every way.

And we decided to share it with the world and cloned TRON’s CEO six times.

We already mentioned that the TRON presale went out of control and we seem to have taken it a step further.

Just look at this crazy expensive cutie!

It might be one of the strongest cuties on TRON’s side of the game.

The stats are:

  • power of 4 (1 for 1st level, 1 for nobility, 2 for being unique);
  • bonus against raid bosses 4;
  • attack bonus of 3
  • defence bonus of 3;
  • luck bonus of 14%;
  • bonus to loot drop of 100%;
  • bonus to experience gained of 50%;
  • strong at water element 3;
  • strong at fire element 3;
  • strong at air element 3;

To sum it up:

You can visit Justin Sun here:

Cutieneers, do you think Justins will sell out? Is it a bit weird having several CEOs running around?

Tell us what you think in the comments or on our Telegram group!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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