Custom Cuties FTW!

Cutieneer community seems to have a special place in their hearts for custom cuties.

Custom cuties are creatures made from materialising your wildest ideas and dreams in a form of a unique cutie.

Each custom is made with great care and represents a fusion between the Cutieverse and the inspiration from the outside world.

And we are always excited for the chance to create new unique pet for you.

The latest custom cutie that entered Cutieland is a devilish looking cat inspired by this guy:

Dante (Japanese: ダンテ) is a fictional character and the central protagonist of the Devil May Cry franchise

Please welcome Dante the Demon Hunter Cat!

Dante by Captain Zaibatsu
Congratulations, Captain Zaibatsu, on your new awesome pet!

We sure want to see a battle report between Dante and this dragon:

DDK by VeRychard

They seem to be meant for each other.

You might ask yourself what can you do with your custom cutie outside the cutieverse. TRON’s founder and CEO Justin Sun had an awesome idea about that.

Justin printed his cutie on his business cards.

How cool is that?

Would you put your custom cutie on your business cards? Let us know in the comments!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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