Cutie Genomes No Longer Displayed In The Game

We are stoked to finally release one of the important features that the Cutieneer community asked for.

It’s the genome protector!

Now only you can see your Cutie’s genome.

For you, your Cutie’s genome will look like so:

For all other players, it will not show like so:

We made this change to help our best breeders to keep their genomes for tribute and super strong Cuties private and safe from duplication. It should make genome experimentation even more worthwhile.

Now you can safely invest in new breeding discoveries. Copying the genome is no longer easy.

Now, the only way to see Cutie’s genome in the game is to buy it or get in touch with its owner in hopes that they would share the information.

We hope that you are happy with the update.

Good luck with your breeding, Cutieneers!

Stay tuned for more updates and news.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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Originally published at on September 4, 2020




Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

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