Cutie NFT And Item Market Overview

Welcome to your weekly market review!

In this post, we will go through the market stats and let you know what is happening on the game’s markets.

During the last seven days, both supply and demand sides of the market were very busy.

Even though the community is preparing for the new season, Cuties and items still actively changed hands.

Market Supply

During the last seven days:

Items market

On the items market, the top categories of the new offers were elixirs and miscellaneous.

In terms of rarity, Cutieneers are trying to sell both common and set items.

The top ten most popular items to sell are:

  1. Adventure Potion — 322 new lots on sale
  2. Magic dust — 236 new lots on sale
  3. Regular Tool Kit — 108 new lots on sale
  4. Grand Adventure Potion — 47 new lots on sale
  5. Cloth Hanger — 41 new lots on sale
  6. Decentraland Building Plans — 35 new lots on sale
  7. Orange T-Shirt — 28 new lots on sale
  8. Aristocracy Elixir — 23 new lots on sale
  9. Thug’s Life Hat — 23 new lots on sale
  10. Silver Tool Kit — 22 new lots on sale

Cutie NFT market

Meanwhile, on the Cutie market, the most popular pets to trade were cats and lizards. Those two pet kinds took almost 50% of the new offers.

In terms of generation, among the new offers, Gen 1 and Gen 2 prevail.

In terms of experience levels, most pets among the new offers are only beginning their journey as fighters.

In terms of blockchains, the majority of new offers appeared on TRON.

Market Demand

During the last seven days:

  • 216 Cutie NFTs found new homes
  • 124 666 items changed hands

Items market

Item sales were most active on TRON and MATIC blockchains.

  • TRON — 343 lots sold with an average price of 18.34
  • MATIC — 189 lots sold with an average price of 0.33
  • EOS — 80 lots sold
  • NEO — 55 lots sold with an average price of 0.074
  • ETHEREUM — 17 lots sold with an average price of 0.001159

The most popular item categories were elixirs and body armor.

The most popular item rarity kinds were common and set items.

The most popular items in the last seven days were:

  1. Adventure Potion — 136 lots sold
  2. Regular Tool Kit — 45 lots sold
  3. Cloth Hanger — 37 lots sold
  4. Grand Adventure Potion — 27 lots sold
  5. Aristocracy Elixir — 22 lots sold
  6. Ruby Necklace — 22 lots sold
  7. Elixir of Life — 20 lots sold
  8. Glasses — 16 lots sold
  9. Thug’s Life Jacket — 15 lots sold
  10. Thug’s Life Hat — 15 lots sold

Cutie NFT market

Cutie NFT sales have also concentrated on TRON blockchain.

  • TRON — 127 Cuties sold with an average price of 51.12
  • EOS — 48 Cuties sold
  • MATIC — 24 Cuties sold with an average price of 11.32
  • NEO — 10 Cuties sold with an average price of 0.236
  • ETHEREUM — 7 Cuties sold with an average price of 0.0103

The most popular pet kinds sold were cats and lizards.

And the most popular rarity was regular.

About 8% of sales were tribute Cuties with the following golden attributes:

  • Mutant — 5
  • Manni — 3
  • CrazyHare — 2
  • Scarface — 2
  • Dalmation — 2
  • Colonel — 1
  • Dgaming — 1
  • LionKing — 1
  • Luna — 1

In terms of generations, the most sales went to Gen 1 and Gen 2 Cuties.

In terms of experience level, young green fighters are once again in demand.

We hope you enjoyed this market overview, and it will help you sharpen your market strategy.

See you on the market, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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Originally published at on July 7, 2021




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