Cutie’s Before and Afters

Every cutie has to start somewhere. Especially the brainchildren of our community — custom cuties.

Custom cuties are creatures made from materialising cutieneer’s wildest ideas and dreams in a form of a unique cutie.

The first stage of custom cutie creation is the idea of the cutieneer.

Something very cool that needs to become an actual art piece and a game character.

Then there is the buying process and some emails going back and forth.

Then the artist team gets to work.

And the magic begins

Some of our artists do their first sketches on paper. So now we have a great opportunity to show you one of the first steps of the cutie creation, coupled with a final result.

An ultimate collection of custom cutie’s before and afters!

Let’s start with the first custom ever — Lucy the Space Cat

Lucy will always have a special place in our hearts.



Lucy ❤ by risco

She went from hero to one of the most adorable cats in the game.

The Devil Dragon

This cutie went from quite innocent to HELL NO!



😈 DDK by VeRychard

Ninja Fox

Got more sharp and dangerous looking.



Shadow by DubbYa

The wizard

This breathtaking cutie got itself some magic ETH and OMG it’s levitating! 


Quasar by DubbYa

Baby Gator

This lady got a major glow up!


Baby Gator by Cynicallia

Mr. Ham by the ocean

This fox somehow looks even more satisfied with everything in the final version.



The Sun.. the Sand.. & the Ham by ChakraFox


Dante had humble beginnings but look at him now.



Dante by Captain Zaibatsu

Dragon Knight

Probably the most breathtaking transformation of them all.



DragonSlayer Orni by PhadeOut

Who This?

And here is the latest sketch that was stolen from the laboratory:

Cutieneers, something major is coming.
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