Cuties go to Singapore

They say that Asia is a mysterious land of great challenge and opportunity.

We decided to dive deeper into this alternate universe by traveling to Singapore for the BlockShow Asia conference.

It was a blast! — Tehn, Community Manager, Blockchain Cuties

The experience was breathtaking. The city was like nothing we have seen before.

Glass and concrete everywhere

BlockShow Asia was a grand event where we had a chance to promote Blockchain Cuties, make new friends and explore new business opportunities.

Below you can see a photo report of the event done by Tehn.

Many people came up to our booth — fans and new players alike.

Vladimir has been very busy with the panels and interviews with the press, not to mention we were the only blockchain game represented at the event.

We’ve prepared some merch and freebees for our players and the new recruits in the Cutie family. The Pillows of Kote flew off in a few hours!

People were comming back to us looking for a pillow for the whole duration of the event, all of the new recruits have pillaged our supply of Kote Pillows! We’ve thought that we will be able to make the display craftable at the begining of the day, but we had a crowd swarming at the booth, all interested in the game.

Saying that it was productive would be an understatement. We’ve managed to make a few new friends, one of whom will soon be a guest on our Pawedcast.

We announced Tron implementation into the game (3rd Blockchain incoming!).

We met up with a lot of cool projects and talked with a lot of media representatives about what’s going on in the dapp scene overall.

There’s many new things that we saw, heard and did during the conference. The event was great, the atmosphere was very friendly, everyone was going around the expo talking to each other. People shared thoughts, opinions and ideas over the booths and on the mixers, that were usually after the event’s main programme.

We were there with our Asian Community manager — Max. We had a lot of fun talking to every single person who came up to us and gave us even a minute of their time! In return ALL of the visitors grabbed a blockshow cutie.

The stock is running out soon, guys! But we have a few left for our traditional Pawedcast giveaway. We really hope all the new players will have a lot of fun, meet our amazing community and become a part of it!

Make sure to tune in into today’s Pawedcast 20:00 UTC to learn all the details and talk about the future of Cutieland.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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