Cuties That Couldn’t Stop Adventuring

Group sending update has revealed a very nasty bug hiding in the adventure mechanics. Some cuties refused to rest after adventures and went in, again and again, ignoring their cooldown time.

Group sending allows you to send a group of cuties to adventures in a few clicks. More details can be found here.

As there were a lot of cuties caught in this workaholism loop, it was a very eventful weekend for the community. Cuties brought back hundreds of items , potions, and other treasures.

Picture by Gz Lee

The result?

The game was overflowing with items. For example, the number of adventure potions expanded 4 times.

How will we save the items market?

We had to urgently address the issue in order to protect our players from the items market crash.

Currently, the market is frozen and the items are being returned to players who listed them.

Those items that were obtained as a result of the bug will be identified and frozen, preventing their sale or use. Those of the bug obtained items that went through the market will not be affected by the freeze, so that people who bought them will not lose what was purchased.

Frozen items will be removed from the game in the next 12 hours.

Therefore we will resolve the situation as if the bug was never there and the game will continue as usual.

We will also remove the experience changes the bug has made so that cuties are left with the correct amounts.

We will restore the game to normal by the end of the day. All fairly gained experience and items will be once again available. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused. — Vladimir Tomko, CEO Blockchain Cuties


Cutieneer community has been trough a lot lately.

Therefore we decided to send everyone a very special gift to make it all better.

Please welcome the coder’s little helper — CatBob!

Every Cutieneer will get one today.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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