EOS Cuties Are Here

Cutieneers, we love to pioneer the industry. We live for the things no one has ever done before.

But do you know what we adore even more than that? When you support what we do.

We loved the community’s lively response to our EOS update.

It was a full on “Worth It” moment, and we are grateful for all the positive feedback.

So what are the first EOS cuties like?

And who is the pioneer among cutieneers?

The answer is interesting.

Do you know about the reptilian conspiracy?

We don’t want to imply anything, but there might be something going on.

Just look at the first ever EOS cutie:

And a massive amount of its attributes.

Oh wow!

One more interesting fact: it was bred on Halloween!

While we were sleeping it already got two siblings.

Caught purple handed!

Both are quite powerful.

Are you getting the chills? We know, we are getting suspicious. Are lizards taking over?

Reptilian or not, breeding the first EOS cuties is an important milestone to reach. And someone had to be there first.

We want to sincerely congratulate CutieRoyale as the pioneer of the EOS cutie community.

Cutieneers, do you think CutieRoyale and the Mother of Gators, our biggest lizard enthusiast, are somehow connected? Are there reptilians among us?

Let us know before it’s too late!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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Clap for respect! Sol will be very grateful!