Fiat Currency And Dapper Wallet Integration

One of the key objectives for our team is improving player experience. Cryptogames still have a hard time onboarding new players since figuring out cryptocurrencies, blockchains and crypto wallets is no small feat.

Therefore to increase the number of Cutieneers and give you a bigger market to play on we are doing everything in our power to ensure smooth and comfortable player onboarding. The latest update was all about this aspect of the game.

Fiat Currencies Integration

Following CUTE coin launch on HitBTC, we decided to take CUTE even further. As those coins will play a key part in our Lands Update, we need to prepare all the possible support for this token.

Now you can buy CUTE for the following currencies:

  • Euro
  • United States Dollar
  • Russian Ruble

To do this you will need to click on the CUTE coin logo here:

And choose the amount you want in the popup window like so:

You can also buy and sell CUTE on HitBTC exchange.

Dapper Integration

We just couldn’t ignore the new smart wallet that was made by the team who created CryptoKitties.

Dapper is a peer-reviewed, commercially audited Smart Contract Wallet. It has several very important and innovative features like:

  • Account recovery
  • Gass fee coverage
  • Buying cryptocurrency and collectibles with a credit card
  • Automatically flagging suspicious requests for further action

You can get more information on Dapper here:

And download this wallet here:

Stay tuned, Cutieneers! More updates are coming soon and they are going to be super exciting.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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