First Cuties Reach LVL 11

Congratulations to the winners!

Currently, there are only twelve LVL 11 Cuties in the entire game.

Please welcome the Cuties who got to LVL 11 first!

The first tribute Cutie that made it to level 11:

MutantTribute by Pointy
Magnate by Bongman
🐉General Leviathan🐉 by ♾ Drake Flux

We can’t wait to welcome more Cuties to this top adventure.

Next level

And the fist Cutie to reach level 12 is:

First 12lvl Godkiller Power+5 by Spigfun Royal Guard

Congratulations on making it to the top!

We can’t wait to see how many Cuties will be able to challenge Godkiller in the Dragon Lair adventure.

Click here to start playing!

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